Now I’m working out 3-4 times a week. It feels like freedom | Carrie’s MerryBody results

We love chatting to our MerryBody members. The magic of Online Yoga and Pilates Workouts is that we have members all over the world! We recently had a chat with Carrie from Honolulu Hawaii and this is what she had to say about MerryBody Online Yoga and Pilates Classes. 

Before she joined MerryBody, Carrie didn’t have a consistent exercise practise.  She walked her daughter to school and was a member of the gym but didn’t use it.

“I’ve probably been five or six times since I got the gym membership. I just don’t wanna go. I don’t know, I just can’t get that push out the door.”

We understand that feeling and this is why we always suggest looking for a way of exercise you actually enjoy! If it’s Yoga and Pilates, YAY come and try MerryBody. If not keep looking! It might be dance, hiking, rock climbing, skipping, hula hooping (you get it!). Keep trying until you find movement that you love. 

We asked Carrie if she had any doubts about joining MerryBody. 

“No doubts about MerryBody itself but doubts about joining one more thing that I was gonna pay for and not use. You’re not the only membership service I am part of, but I haven’t done the other programs.”

Carrie signed up for a month, then after just 3 days upgraded to an annual membership.

We love that Carrie is rolling out the mat and actually using her MerryBody Membership. It’s such an exciting feeling when you sign up to something, you begin to enjoy it and then BAM you have a consistent exercise practice you love!  

“I’m actually rolling my mat out and working out! I guess maybe 3-4 times a week right now. With MerryBody I’m just ready to go. I feel great afterwards, it’s such a positive change.”


If you’d like to try MerryBody Online Yoga and Pilates Classes you can sign up for your 7 Day Trial right HERE! We’d love to show you the magic of MerryBody Yoga and Pilates. It’s movement driven by joy.   

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