100 Spots Available! Join the First #MerryBiz Hustle!

The Merrymaker Sisters

Where our MerryBiz-ers at?

Yay! We’re super freaking excited to tell you about our very first round of the #MerryBiz Hustle! And no… it’s not a dance but there will be dance breaks!

If you wanna get more stuff done and make some huge, awesome changes to your blog/social and business… then we created the #MerryBiz Hustle for you.

4 weeks of fun and hustle to create an epic blog and social to grow your business! Yay! And you’ll have us on your side the whole entire way!

We start on 2 November and there are only 100 spots!

We know that being a blogger and biz owner can get super overwhelming and the to-do list never ends: writing, editing, opt-ins, automation, this strategy, that strategy… arh!

We forget to tick and instead just add more stuff.

We’ve been there. We still go there sometimes but we know how to get out… quick.
Maybe you attend all the events, buy all the courses, read all the articles but never seem to get around to actually doing the stuff.

Are you nodding and thinking um yep, that’s me, like right now, then #MerryBiz Hustle is for you!


This 4-week program isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who are ready to actually do stuff, to make things, to grow their blog/biz and to have some freaking fun along the way. And when we say ‘some’ we mean epic amounts.

We’ll be sharing EVERYTHING we know and do right now in our business, as well as bringing in some epic experts.

You’ll be surrounded by 99 other awesome hustlers, which means you’ll get the inspiration and accountability to kick your goals in the butt! Heck yeah!

You’ll say see ya later to 2016 with epic results!

When you join the #MerryBiz Hustle you get…

  • lots of strategies, tools and templates.
  • access to our private Facebook group.
  • weekly live sessions with our experts.
  • goal setting and accountability.
  • us! Like not to take home… but we’ll be in the group every day!

Each week we’ll cover a different topic and introduce you to one of our business expert friends who are serious #BOSSES at what they do!


Week 1 is all about content marketing, and who better to tell you about this than Dan Norris… pretty much THE Content Machine (he even wrote a book called that!).

Week 2 we’ll go through opt-ins and automation and show you how to create something so high value your audience just can’t resist. The one and only Nathan Chan of Foundr will be our expert!

Week 3 it’s all about social media. We’ll show you how we’ve grown our social organically (no spam about it baby) to over 100 000 collectively AND Karyn Hogan will show you how to link your epic opt-in funnel to Facebook ads. Seriously… she is so amazing at ads, she blows our minds!

Week 4 is media, sponsors and collabs! We’ll share the exact steps to take to get your face in the media, to build relationships and score your first sponsorship! Nikki Parkinson from Styling You will be our expert and she has a ridiculous amount of knowledge to share!

This is the first round of #MerryBiz Hustle and we don’t think we’ve ever been so excited about a project. Seriously. We have good feelings all over the place and we can’t wait to welcome you in, hang out, set epic goals and actually get all the stuff done!

Join us for $199, places are NOW OPEN… but remember, there are only 100! We want this to be big enough for sky-high vibes but small enough for epic intimacy… oooh!


We can’t wait to hang out… we start 2 November, get ready for all the fun, hustle and merry!

The year isn’t over yet! We’ve got just under 3 months left… that’s a quarter of the year! We can do so much! YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Have the best day ever!

Always merrymaking

Emma + Carla

p.s are you one of the 100? Yay we hope so!

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