133: knowing your core values will make life better


We’ve never really sat down and had a discussion about our values. So this episode is super SUPER real! All our episodes are REAL but usually, they’re born from a coffee date chat and one of us will say “this is a podcast episode idea!” then we discuss again in an episode.

In this #GetMerry podcast episode we literally sat down and Carla said “shall we talk about our values” and boom we hit record. 

We believe it is extremely important to know what our core values are because once we know, we can align ourselves with people, jobs and decisions that match up with our values. This creates more flow, more magic, it creates steadiness and a sense of ease. 

Example… if health is a core value do not work at a fast food place. If you do you’ll feel a sense of anger while you are working there. You will feel a sense of dis-ease. You will feel yuck. 

Stuff we talked about…

  • we actually go through some of our core values: health, honesty, kindness, loyalty, enthusiasm, connections. 
  • why connecting with people with similar values rocks and creates loving, magical relationships. 
  • how awareness of your values will help you make difficult decisions. 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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