When we Took the Leap and Quit our Secure Jobs

When-we-Took-the Leap-and-Quit-our-Secure-Jobs

It’s amazing to reflect on how we took the leap and quit our secure government jobs over a decade ago.

We were fresh into blogging, but it all shifted when we heard these words:

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

Back then, we didn’t have a solid plan; we just felt a spark, we found our BLISS and we knew we had to follow it.

This bliss ultimately led us to nurture and grow The Merrymaker Sisters and later create MerryBody.

Even though we weren’t making any money from it initially, we knew it had the potential to grow and more importantly help people!

We said to each other, if we simply dedicated more time and effort to it, surely it would work!

Looking back, it feels a little wild and very naive, but also at the same time it was a brave and smart decision.

Although the journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing, quitting those jobs was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

If we had stayed in those safe jobs, we would have experienced many more groundhog days, far less magic and less overall life satisfaction.

Because of this decision, our lives have a sense of meaning and purpose that we would have never achieved otherwise.

Right now, we feel grateful to have dedicated our time and energy to something that has been so fulfilling.

We are proud to say that we have grown our business and helped thousands of people around the world accept and celebrate themselves!

Plus, almost 2 year ago, we achieved a huge goal that we had set for ourselves at the very beginning and that was to hire our Mum! (YAY)

Here’s our beautiful Mum in the middle, and Carla on the left and Sally on the right (she went to high school with Mum and they’re still besties).


This is why the next stage of The Merrymaker Sisters and MerryBody feels divine. That next stage being our School of MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training. 

Because right from the beginning, it was always about the BLISS.

If you’re searching for your bliss, this training will help you discover yours and shine a bright light on your next steps!

If you know Yoga is your bliss or part of your bliss, this training will give you the certification and the knowledge you need.

If you’re currently feeling low enthusiasm and energy for life right now, this training will help you uncover and re-discover the magic inside you. It will remind you that you are capable of extraordinary things!

To learn more about the training, be sure to sign up to our free Information Session.

This session will help you know for sure, if the training is for you. It’s happening on 11 May, but if this day doesn’t work for you, still sign up and we will send you the replay. We can’t wait to see you there!

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla


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