Why We Work With Brands.

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If you’ve been merrymaking with us for a while now you’ll know that we love to work with brands… AMAZING brands! Brands that have merrymaker aligned messages, super happy, healthy missions and that can help all of us live better lives.

Let’s quickly flash back to late 2012 when we googled ‘what is a blog?’ followed by ‘how to start a blog?’ Yep, that’s a true story! We’ve come a long way! Right?

Those two simple google searches sparked the beginning of our online business journey.

A blog seemed like a really good way to get our healthy messages and delicious creations out in to the big wide world!

We needed a name…. well, that was a 5 minute decision – merrymaker means ‘to bring joy to’, this new way of living makes us super joyful PLUS we’re real life sisters… so it kinda just made sense!

We struck it lucky in that The Merrymaker Sisters turned out to be the perfect name for what we’re all about… health, happiness and bliss following!

It wasn’t too long after we’d hit publish on our first ever blog post that we had a new found passion. A passion for blogging, it also opened our eyes to online business and all of the huge opportunities out there!

The Merrymaker Sisters
These are our EXCITED/INSPIRED faces!

With our PR and events backgrounds, it was only a month later that we realised we could partner with brands to share their stories through our channels. We would only work with aligned brands, brands we LOVE and brands we know that our audience would love.

Our goal is and always will be to share amazing content with our audience. Content that aims to help you become the best version of yourself possible.

So! We looked up our google analytics… which we also googled… seriously… google was and still is our best friend! And we thought our stats were pretty impressive! We started emailing brands we loved, and asked if they’d like to send us their product to review! Genius really!

As you can see… we had just over 350 unique visits for the month…

Analytics overview Dec11-Jan11

And although our numbers were so low (because of how new we were), we still had brands say YES! They sent us products to review and share ideas and feedback on our blog! This got us SO excited!

[Tweet “If you don’t ask, you don’t get! #truth”]

It was proof that no matter how big your following is or how many hits you get to your site a month… if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

the remarkables

It’s all well and good for a brand to market themselves and say “hey look at me look and my awesome product!” but what’s better is for someone else to say “hey! I’ve TRIED this product, I love it and it works… you might like it too!”

This is what we do whenever we endorse or work with a brand or product. We always try it out, see how we like it… and then if the love is true, we get to share it with you amazing merrymakers!

We realised that brand partnerships are an amazing way to spread our health and happiness messages further, share other amazing messages, make a bigger impact, organically grow our audience, boost our brand… AND we could see that these partnerships had the potential to lead to an income stream.

Since merrymaking/blogging quickly became our passion/our career goal/our purpose… the income stream aspect was super important! Because well, these girls gotta eat!

Working with brands has allowed us to build an income so we can run this website, it allows us to share our weekly free healthy paleo inspired recipes and content. It’s also contributed to us merrymaking full time! So that’s #amazing and rather exciting!

We’re over the moon, super stoked and very merry to now be working with Pop Media Co who are most definitely also #amazing!

They will be managing our brand collaborations! We are beyond excited about this because it means we can focus on creating drool worthy recipes, new content and brand new merrymaker products! Seriously… can you tell… WE ARE EXCITED!

Excited for new opportunities and more time to create the amazing stuff we have planned for YOU! AHHH! 

If you’re a blogger or online business owner, if you have you’re own brand, product or service, we truly believe collaborating is pure magic!

We’d love to hear your thoughts and if you’re interested in hearing more on this?!

After all, it totally falls under the topic of BLISS FOLLOWING and… ahhh… this is our most favourite topic of all!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla


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