Low carb strawberry donuts with peanut butter frosting


We made low carb strawberry donuts with peanut butter frosting. And yes… they are all kinds of magical. This recipe has got to be one of our all time favourites. 

The best bit is that if you don’t own a donut tray you can turn them into cupcakes. We’ve tested both cupcake and donut versions and can confirm they are equally as delish (haha). The test had to be done… right?

Ok, so before we bang on let’s talk about the peanut butter frosting. Yes, this low carb strawberry donut was epic by itself but then Carla had the genius idea to add a healthy peanut butter frosting and woah. Next level goodness. Plus it’s the easiest frosting recipe to make. 

This is an extra special recipe for all the people who have our Get Merry recipe app! But… don’t you worry. If you want the recipe but don’t have the app it’s super easy to download it to your phone. Yes, it costs about $4 something but it might just be the best $4 something you’ve ever spent. Yes, maybe even better than this mornings coffee (ok… we know we’re pushing it hah). 

When you download the app (you can read more and download it over here) you’ll get access to all the recipes from the blog (we’re talking over 200 recipes) PLUS you’ll get instant access to super special app only recipes, like this low carb strawberry donut recipe. And remember. Peanut. Butter. Frosting.

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