Don’t forget the magic and beauty of life.


It’s easy to forget the magic and beauty of life. But even if you’ve seen it and felt it just once, you know it’s real.

You know that if you CHOOSE to focus on the goodness you’ll most likely feel good which then will probably lead to even more good.

It’s so easy to fall back into negative thought patterns. Even when you’ve read about positive psychology, you’ve dabbled in the law of attraction, you know the power of positive affirmations.

You’ve gone woo woo and you’ve gone a little scientific.

You know there is proof in this whole thing… thoughts, leading to action which create your reality.


Sometimes I forget. I get triggered by something and BOOM I’m in this quiet spiral down. I’m 100% in my head going this way, going that way. There’s no space for light or gratitude and the last thing I want to do it talk about it. So I close it up inside me.

This is me being my worst enemy. This is not serving me, the people around me, it’s not serving my goals, or the world.

There is no joy, no magic, no Merry.

There are little things we can all do to remind ourselves that… THIS IS IT. That probably, the issue that is bugging you and making you feel blurghhh could probably (definitely) be completely made up in your head OR wait… what about if it’s not even an issue at all? 

This is from the book I am reading right now.

magic-and-beauty-of-life (1)

It’s Jewel’s (the epic singer’s) book. Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story

A story of her life.

I won’t give anything away but there is a lot of stuff about feelings, emotions, mindset and it’s just a truly interesting read. 

It’s about hardships, passion, family, life, art. 

It’s reminding me to explore feelings and emotions. It’s reminding me to create my own kind of magic. 

Always merrymaking,


Feature image via Unsplash.

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