10 Ways to Make Your Life More Magical!

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Life is pretty darn magical, right? Like out of all the people that could have been born YOU were chosen to live your life.

You’re like a one in a billion kinda miracle. We reckon that every day we have to remind ourselves that we are seriously blessed to be here. Because if you weren’t chosen to be you, then what would you be? It’s not the nicest thought but it does put living in to perspective and it makes us have moments where we’re like “Holey sh!t… I almost forgot that I’M ALIVE!” 

Ok, sounds weird… but it is really easy to forget that we’re alive… once… one time… this. is. it. 

SO! It’s time to make life way more magical every single day. Don’t just wait for the holidays, don’t wait for Friday, don’t wait for summer, for someone else to make your life better. Life is happening NOW.

Your mission for right now is to do just one (or more) of our 10 Ways to Make Life More Magical!

Watch the sunrise or the sunset.

We reckon magical stuff happens during the sunrise or sunset. The world looks more peaceful and sometimes we can even see the energy of the earth flying around like crazy. You know how it looks like little bugs or little drops of crazy rain? That ain’t little bugs or crazy rain… it’s the world’s amazing energy! Breathe it all in! 

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Visit your parents, stay for dinner and ask them to tell you a story about before you were born. 

It’s funny to think that our parents had lives before we all came around… but they did! True story! And they probably have some super amazing stories to share with you. You just have to shut up about yourself for a while and ask them about it.

It’s exciting to hear about our parents’ world before we came in to it. Our parents have some super funny travel stories and last night we asked them about their first date, they couldn’t remember… and this made life more magical because we were all in hysterics of laughter! 

Create your life soundtrack. 

Music is magical. Full stop. But when you listen to music that match your feelings or events it’s even more magical. Like when Carla and her boyfriend broke up this year, no love songs were allowed, just girl power music! And when something exciting is happening we’ll listen to 80s/90s pop music because it fuels our excitement even more. 

Treat yourself with flowers.

Or pick flowers from your garden (we did this yesterday)! Clean your home and place them somewhere you always walk past to remind you to smile. Did you know that there’s over a million flowering plant species in the world (some have been named twice but who cares) and that’s pretty darn magical. Flowers are so pretty.

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Start a gratitude jar or journal.

This can be something fun to do as a household! Have a communal jar and add a gratitude ticket every day. At the end of the month tip them out and read them out loud. Being grateful is a magnet for magic. The more grateful you are the more you find you have to be grateful for. It doesn’t have to be anything huge either, it could just be that you’re grateful for the fresh air you’re able to breathe. That you’re grateful to be alive! 

Make healthy changes to your diet.

You didn’t think we’d leave this one out did you? Seriously. Clean up your diet and watch the brain fog disappear. Allow the continual conversation between you and your brain about what you shouldn’t have eaten 2 hours ago or what you should eat next gradually end. When you just eat real food your brain doesn’t need to focus on this because all the food you’re eating is nourishing your body. 

Clearly a positive outcome but what’s even better is that your brain now has free space to take on more knowledge and inspiration! You might even find your bliss. 

Make something from nothing.

Yes. We’re talking arts and craft! Making, painting, drawing, colouring, getting creative is oh so magical. Then you can gift your handy work to someone you love… and giving also makes life more magical. We always art and craft with sparkles… because sparkles are also magical.

Send a hand written letter.

This doesn’t happen enough. We sent out 250 hand written notes to our Make Life Merrymakers and everyone loved them, the common theme was that ‘days had been made’… and making someone’s day is super magical. It’s one of the best ways to show and tell people you love them and that they matter to you.

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Organise a friend day-date with your besties.

Hanging with friends is fun. Make it more magical by going to a little more effort with your next outing, dinners and brekkies are fun but you do that all the time! Mix it up! Here’s some ideas: organise a picnic where you all bring a plate to share, go on a hike… again each bring a snack to share, go on a day road trip to someplace you’ve never been… explore! 

Lie on the grass and stare at the clouds.

Clouds are so beautiful and crazy and magical. When you stare… spot the elephant in the sky, the white rabbit, the mermaid, the dinosaur, the flowers. Let the sun stream on your face and feel the magic that is all around you.

Life is magical but you can’t let the magic come to you. Sometimes you have to look for it, create it.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s if you have ways that you make life more magical… more merry… then leave us a comment and let us know! <3

Images from Kaboom and Jay Mantr.

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