How To Make Cleaning Your House FUN!

how to make cleaning fun

Hands up who LOVES to clean? Hmm… yeah, we thought as much!

A few weeks back you guys would have found out all about why/how we’re not using nasty chemicals in our cleaning products anymore.

Because, like, we don’t EAT nasty chemicals, or use nasty chemicals on our skin… so the next logical step for us was to make our house NASTY chemical free, by using nasty-free-chemical cleaning products!

The reason we keep emphasising the word ‘NASTY’ is because we had an email letting us know that water is a chemical (H20 YO!), and we were like… oh yeaaah… we knowww… we were talking about NASTY chemicals.

Hence the word ‘nasty’ being used several times already. One last time, just for good measure: nasty! Now we’re going to stop using it… but you get it… we’re talking NASTY chemicals!

We don’t know about you guys but Merrymaker Land (aka our home) gets super messy sometimes. Cleaning really is the last thing on our minds AND our to-do list.

But all is well (and clean and tidy) now that we’ve started to SCHEDULE a cleaning day each and every week.

We 100% believe in the whole if it’s not scheduled… it won’t happen thing (thanks Marie Forleo for that hot tip!).

how to make cleaning fun
Clean house = focused mind.

We never scheduled our cleaning… so ahh… it kinda never happened! Unless we had people over, and if that was the case it was a 30 minute scramble to make the house look presentable.

Sometimes we just had to close our bedroom doors. For some reason our clothes just seem to fall out of our closets  😉

This wasn’t good for our productivity levels… because a messy desk/work space = a messy mind. We would find that we’d try to start work and then get distracted by talking about cleaning the house! What the?! ‘Twas weird.

Anyway, the past is the past because NOW, each and every Sunday morning we spend cleaning! Yay! And it’s actually kind of fun! The BEST thing about this new ritual is how good we feel afterwards… it’s like a fresh start to our amazing week!

We bet you’re all like… cleaning + fun… those two words should never be in the same sentence but we’re telling ya, cleaning can be fun and here’s how we do it… so you can have all the fun too!

how to make cleaning fun
Selfies make cleaning fun… FACT!

How To Make Cleaning Your House FUN!

Pump the tunes!

And turn ’em up! We’re pretty sure we wake our entire street every Sunday morning (oops, sorry!). But seriously, get your favourite tunes on and turn your cleaning house duties in to a karaoke dance party!

Recruit a team!

Yep, it’s easy for us because we live together, it’s like an automatic team. We think every single person in the household should be part of the cleaning routine (partners, kids, dogs… ALL the team members!).

BUT if you live by yourself then why not recruit a bestie… make it a ‘I’ll help you do yours then you help me do mine’ deal. PLUS you can catch up the whole entire time you clean!

Use products you like/that work

use products that actually work and in our case… products that don’t contain nasties (there, we used it again!). We use Our Eco Home. To make it easy, we just chucked out every other cleaning product that was harmful and then replaced them with their Ultimate Pack. $79 bucks for every single product we need to clean our house. Boom. Easy.

And we seriously love it. We joke around saying that we might start using the air freshener spray as perfume… don’t worry, we haven’t… yet.

Alternate tasks

For us, we split the house in two. One person takes on kitchen/lounge and the other takes on bathroom/toilet. We take on our bedrooms separately. This doesn’t really add to the fun but it just seems fair. And a fair game is a good game!

Bask in your amazingness

Yep! Once your house cleaning duties are done it’s time to celebrate! We often brew a chai tea, have a piece of caramel slice (or some other deliciousness) and just sit for while to enjoy that fresh new house feeling!

Because let’s all be honest… it doesn’t last long! 

Do you have tips to make boring jobs (like cleaning) fun? Or tips to make sure cleaning happens every week?

We’d LOVE to know! Share them in the comments below!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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