8 LIVE Masterclasses you don’t wanna miss!


Health isn’t just about food and exercise… these 8 LIVE Masterclasses will cover so much more. 

Starting from this Monday we’re bringing you epic humans (experts) talking all things health, happiness and wellbeing! Yew!

Jema Lee Krause, Nutrition Coach
If you want glowing skin then this is the masterclass for you. Jema is going to share how to get healthy skin from the inside out. She’ll also take you through a face mapping exercise to understand exactly what your skin is telling you.

Lane Kennedy, Bulletproof Coach
Lane coached Carla earlier this year on how to upgrade her life and body! Woha! If you’ve been lacking confidence, Lane is going to show you how to be the sexiest woman in the room (um, can we get a heck yeah?!). We’re sure this will cross over to the male species too 😉

Theresa Vigarino, Relationship Coach
Learn to create and cultivate positive relationships with yourself, partner and family. Theresa looks at everything from a spiritual point of view and might be a different perspective you need.

Kate Callaghan, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Coach
Want to learn what’s really going on with your hormones? Kate will cover what you need to do to get healthy (merry) hormones! Yay! Merry hormones rock!

Judes Yang, Yin Yoga and Meditation 
Judes is our personal yoga teacher! You’ll go on a Judes-journey, she’ll take you through a guided meditation and chat all things yin yoga, nidra and general life living epicness. 

Marcus Chacos, Chiropractor, Herbalist, Naturopath (pretty much everything ;))
You’re so lucky, you’ll be able to learn from our own personal Chiropractor! Marcus picked the topic ‘Self-Mastery’ and we have no idea what he is going to talk about but we know it’s going to be exactly what we all need. He is amazing. 

Lauren Verona, Yoga Teacher
Lauren will take you through a guided yoga flow to get you blissed out and feeling ahhhh-mazing! She’ll also talk about finding and following your bliss (you know we love that!). 

Michele Chevalley-Hedge, Nutritionist
We always have sooo many AHA! Moments when we chat with Michele! She’s going to tell us about the foods we’re eating that might be impacting our mental health. So freaking interesting, bring it on! 

Knowledge is power (true, huh?!)! The more you learn, the more motivation you have to make positive changes.

These 8 LIVE Masterclasses are all part of our 14 day #GetMerry challenge. When you join you get access to all these Masterclasses plus…

  • 14 day meal plan.
  • 30 new, real food recipes, shopping lists and tips.
  • 14 days of support in our private Facebook group.
  • This means direct access to ask us ALL. THE. QUESTIONS (note: this will be high vibe).
  • Special discount code on all Merry stuff.

All that, plus the Masterclasses, plus a heck of alotta fun and you have the #GetMerry Challenge. The best bit… it’s $39. That’s it. 

We start THIS MONDAY, 29 May and it’s going to be the best thing ever!


As always, if you have any questions, hit reply! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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