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We knew from the very start, our Online Yoga Teacher Training was going to require a world-class team of teachers and experts.

In order for this training to be approved to the Elevated Standards of Yoga Alliance (and to be completely frank, our own personal standards), we had to bring together a group of teachers who are the very best at what they do.

Teachers who have years of experience.

Teachers who are absolute experts in their fields.

Teachers who have the credentials and the ability to educate and engage you.

So let’s get to know your teachers for our Online Yoga Teacher Training Program!

Firstly, meet Andrew Mournehis. Andrew has been teaching Yoga for decades. He specialises in history and philosophy. But perhaps his super power is in the way that he teaches. Trust us when we say, you won’t be bored once during Andrew’s classes!

Last cohort, Andrew was a highlight for many of our Trainees. He had them laughing, crying and transforming from the inside out. Andrew is your History and Philosophy Teacher.
Next up, meet Chara Caruthers. Chara, like Andrew, has decades of experience with teaching Yoga and Ayurveda. She is an E-RYT 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Chara is your Ayurveda Teacher.
Meet James Pons. He comes with the credentials you want to see from the person teaching you all about the human body! James has a Bachelor in Exercise Science and Master’s Degree Physiotherapy. From James you’ll learn all about muscles, joints and biomechanics. That’s right, James is your Anatomy Teacher.
After Anatomy, comes Physiology and this is where the amazing Emily May comes in. Emily has a Bachelor in Science, Naturopathy as well as a qualified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. You’ll learn a foundational overview of the body systems but more importantly, how Yoga can positively impact these systems. Emily is your Physiology Teacher.
This training is not just about mastering Yoga postures (Asana), however, you will be practising lots of Asana! With that, comes the potential of learning inversions (handstands). We don’t handstand, never have, never will… however, Martina Tanzi? She handstands! She’s an expert in them and will be your Inversions Teacher. Note: you don’t need to handstand to do this training. However, the foundations Martina will teach you will help you in ALL other Yoga postures.
Meet Emma Papas, you may recognise her 😉. Of course, she is co-founder of MerryBody and MBTT. She’s a trained Pilates Mat, Barre and now Yoga Teacher (thanks to our training) and has a Bachelor in Advertising. Emma will be your Course Convenor throughout the 16 weeks, she will be checking in on you every week and there to answer all your questions.
Meet Carla Papas, you may recognise her too! Of course, she is the other co-founder of MerryBody and MBTT. Carla is your Lead Trainer for this program. She is an E-RYT 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, qualified Yin Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher. If there is one thing Carla is passionate about, it’s seeing others reach their full potential and follow their bliss (their passion, those inklings). With Carla’s teaching experience, style and personalised feedback, you’ll graduate this training with a newfound confidence not just to teach Yoga but for life itself.

Emma and Carla both bring 11 years of business and teaching experience to this program.

We knew from the beginning this training needed a group of experts.

Teachers that not only talk the talk… but walk the walk.

We feel so honoured and excited that we’ve brought these amazing humans together for a world-class learning experience for you to experience!

If you’re ready to say YES to that inkling of passion within. The inkling that is curious to know more, then mark your calendar: 17 March 2024. That is when our ONLY cohort for 2024 will begin.

Of course, our Early Bird special where you can access $1343 worth of savings and bonuses is now on (but not for much longer).

Here’s the link where you can read more, as well as access our handy 6 month payment plan.

If you do have any questions, be sure to reach out to us on Instagram, or send us an email! 

Always merrymaking,

Carla and Emma

P.s “Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were only once walls!” – Joesph Campbell

Our all time favourite quote, 11 years ago these words were the ones that inspired us to go all in on The Merrymaker Sisters.

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