Cozy Sweaters, Comfy Singlets and Tees

Things are about to get extra Merry with the presale of our MerryBody merchandise. After what feels like years of anticipation finally you can order your very own MerryBody sweater, singlet and tee.

They’re high quality, extra comfortable and will let everyone know that you’re part of the MerryBody Family.

Presale is now on and ends 14 March 5pm AEST. Don’t miss your chance to get your MB Merch!

THE COZY Sweater

Our Cozy Sweaters are oversized and adorable. Throw it on for instant warmth and cozi-ness. The ideal sweater for the cooler months and during a Yin Yoga Class (mind you, we plan on wearing ours EVERYWHERE!).

The limited presale option comes in a classic ash grey fleece with the word MERRYBODY embroidered in our iconic MB pale pink.


Singlet and Tees

Our Comfy Singlets and Tees are loose-fitting style. They’re long, so go for the relaxed look, tuck it in, tie a knot or cut off the bottom to crop. The perfect addition to your activewear collection, we’ll be wearing ours when we press play on all our MB classes! The limited pre-sale option comes in black singlet and white tee with the word MERRYBODY embroidered in our iconic MB pale pink.

Get Totally Merry


Can’t decide whether you want the tee, the singlet or the sweater? Time to bundle it up! This way you will be set for whatever the weather (oh and whatever MB class you press play on!)


This is a presale! So once the presale ends on 14 March, the merchandise will take around 4 weeks to arrive to us. From then, our amazing team will have them shipped out to you ASAP. For our Aussie MerryBods, you should have your MB Merch no later than the end of April 2022. For International MerryBods, we expect the MB Merch to arrive in June 2022. These are estimates and we will keep you updated every step of the way!

We can’t wait to see you in your

MerryBody Merch!

The MB Merch will be another reminder of just how amazing you are. When you pop on your sweater, tee or singlet it’s a proclamation to yourself and the world that “HEY! Here I am! I am a MerryBod and I accept myself right here, right now… I am amazing, just as I am.”

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