I am still a work in progress, but I can’t wait to see where this MerryBody journey takes me!

Every month we select a MerryBody Member for the Member Spotlight. We send them gifts (because… DUH) and get to hear more of their story. We’re so grateful for our Members, they inspire us every single day.  In October we selected Fiona to spotlight.
Thank you for sharing more of your MerryBody Online Studio Experience with us….
After listening to the latest MerryBody Masterclass, I’ve decided that I am more than just what I look like. 
I came to exercise only about 7 years ago and it was purely as a way of losing weight.  I have lost some weight over the years, but honestly, I haven’t enjoyed exercising until recently.  It has always been a chore, something I had to do.  Now I incorporate a Merrybody class into my day because I want to!

It feels good and I am actually enjoying exercise! 

My mantra is to move because I CAN and it feels good!


I actually signed up for Merrybody for both myself as well as my kids, in particular, my 13-year-old daughter. I wanted a program we could all do together, with varying levels of fitness, that didn’t require us to have a heap of equipment. 
I love the enthusiasm of you both and love the positive body messages you convey.  I thought that this would be a great way to help instil positive body messages into my kids, particularly my daughters.  It’s tough out there! 

My intention is to help my kids understand that our bodies are amazing and that we are super lucky to be able to move them the way we want to. 

I want them to love exercising from now, and not wait until they are in their 40’s! 

I also want to show up for myself every day, because I deserve it!
I love everything about Merrybody. 
I love the variety of the classes, I LOVE the challenges and feeling accountable for completing my Merrybody time by ticking off the boxes.  I love that I can follow the class plan, or pick a class depending on how I feel and how much time I have. 
And the community!  It’s a very special place that feels so inclusive.  It means so much that you guys reply to every single comment or post from Merrybody members.  You actually care, and that’s really obvious!  The Merrybody members are so supportive of one another too, which is lovely to see.
Since I started Merrybody, I’ve noticed that I’m getting stronger (I can stay in downward dog for much longer than when I began) I’m enjoying exercise for the first time ever and I have no doubt that Merrybody is responsible. 

I am still a work in progress, make no mistake, but I can’t wait to see where this Merrybody journey takes me!

We have also been doing some of the meditations too, which despite the kids fidgeting sometimes, has been great.
So all in all, despite this sounding like a paid advertisement, I am loving Merrybody.  Thanks so much for sharing Merrybody with us.  This Merryfamily is loving it.
Once again, thanks so much for choosing me!
Lots of love, Fi xx
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Feature image via Patrick Fore on Unsplash
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