Merrymaker Link Love | August 2014.

Our fortnightly list of what got our interest, gave us inspiration and general delish moments!

merrymaker link love

We purchased our tickets to Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Salon in NEW. YORK. CITY! YES! NEW. YORK. CITY! It’s on the 21 September! Any one else going?! We’re SO flipping excited. 

We’re loving the line up for the League of Extraordinary Women Run The World Conference 2014! This conference is going to be a day of inspiration! We’re just hoping to win our tickets (we entered a comp on Instagram! Fingers are crossed!). 

This week we’ve fallen in love  with Food Matters TV (yes, again!). We watched Finding Joe for the 6th time and even though we’ve watched it so much… we still pick up something new each time!

We’re getting kind of excited for Paleo Cave Camp this October! We’re the resident foodies and will be designing the complete menu! Woohoo! Would love to hang out with you there! 

Lee Holmes’ new book Heal Your Gut is our pick of the week. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out (after all… your health begins in your gut!). 

Our friends over at Wormly Organics are giving away $210 worth of organic goodness… all you have to do is like them on Facebook! Easy peasey! 

We were gifted with a piece of Tara Wolf Jewellery each this week and oh my are we lucky girls! They specialise in chakra pieces and they are seriously STUNNING! Go and drool at their site here

The blog MammaMia posted the story Is Quitting Sugar Dangerous? Is Paleo Eating Extreme? When you look at paleo as eating fresh, organic, local produce… yes, just eating real food, we don’t see how that can be dangerous?! What do you think? 

The past fortnight we’ve been featured on a few whiz bang sites! Including I Quit Sugar, HerCanberra and GoodFood

Products we’re loving at the moment…

Bare Blends sent us some of their Bare Berries and Bare Greens to whack in to our morning smoothies… and they taste good! Plus add a punch of nutrients! 

This week we’re heading off to the ProBlogger Event, so we’re topping up our bronze glow with EcoTan… but first, we’re getting our scrub on with Babe Scrub (too delish!).

The beauties over at The Sugar Breakup sent us a stack of their organic rice malt syrup to try! And uhh… we LOVE it! We’ve used it to create our delish paleo raw blueberry lemon cheesecake! Thanks ladies! 

merrymaker link love
photo credit: HolySkittles via photopin cc

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