Merrymaker Link Love | A list of all the things we love

This is our first Merrymaker link love. YAY! We figured we love reading them on other super cool blogger’s sites so we should start our own! A list of what got our interest, gave us inspiration and general delish moments. We’ll be posting a link love every fortnight! So keep an eye out!

merrymaker link love

We saw Pete Evans at his Paleo Way tour. He’s been in the media a heap with press against his paleo views. Obviously we are pro paleo Pete! Checkout his facebook page.

If you haven’t stumbled across the beautiful Gala Darling do yourself a favour and check her blog out. It’s all about radical self love and she is seriously a true inspiration. We love her! We’re kind of hoping we bump in to her while we’re in New York City… miracles happen!

We’re mentally preparing for a MASSIVE dose of blogger/life inspiration! We’re heading to the ProBlogger conference, let us know if you’ll be there!

If you hadn’t noticed our merrymaker hub has had a bit of an update. We’d like to send huge love and good vibes to the Pulse PR team (especially Amanda aka our fairy godmother).

Michele from A Healthy View shares her views on the Paleo Paradox. Super interesting article with more info on grain and grass fed meat.

We are beyond excited to be heading over to California in September to attend the PrimalCon with Mark’s Daily Apple. He is some kind of paleo/primal god.

Our friends from Caveman Food are running their Kickstarter Campaign! If you want to help them get up and running, pledge a little something something!

We’re super excited for our beautiful friend and her blogging venture! We will get some serious home styling advice from

Products we’re loving at the moment…

The lovelies at Pure Paleo sent us some delish muesli. Just YUM. Must try.
We tested out Eco Tan, an all natural organic fake tanning product. Say no to nasty chemicals!
This week we’ve been asked to trial some beautiful organic all natural skin products from La Mav, Appelles, Divine and Sanctum! There will be more info on these products soon! We’ll be showcasing Australia’s BEST organic, natural skin care. 
Who doesn’t love a paleo treat?! If you’re not a baker… Rumbles to the rescue!
This past week we’ve started using The Internal Plumber. It’s an organic, natural digestion formula (Australian owned and made!). It’s made from shells and let’s just say our digestion is feeling much better!

merrymaker link love

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