Merrymaker Paleo Kindle eBook | Over 80 ‘best of blog’ recipes for $2.99!

We’ve had several people write to us asking about our kindle eBooks and requesting a larger book with more recipes. We heard, we listened and we’re so excited to bring Merrymaker Paleo to all of you!

If you have a kindle and LOVE our recipes and blog you will love Merrymaker Paleo, because it’s filled with over 80 ‘Best Of The Blog’ recipes from The recipes are made from REAL FOOD, they are quick, easy and delish… and most importantly – they’re going to help you become healthier and happier! Hooray! But you know all this already!

This kindle eBook is available from the Amazon book store for just $2.99! Yep, a total bargain! Click HERE to get a copy!

If you do buy it (thank you times a million) and if you love it… we’d be so excited to see your Amazon review! We’d love you forever and ever and ever!

Check out out little promo video here:

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s if you don’t have a kindle, you can get a free kindle reader for your computer or tablet from the Amazon store HERE!

merrymaker paleo_kindle ebook

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