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There is no denying that in life we will encounter hardships. We look back on these times and reflect on how important these were in making us who we are today. Remember that perspective and mindset are powerful things and I use several tools to harness them. Today I share one of my favourites: A Letter From Your Older Self. 

The truth is, in life, you will always have something pushing against you. You cannot get stronger without this. This is apparent in weightlifting and fitness as well as personal growth and mindset. You can be sore after training and say “I’m never going back”, or you can accept the discomfort, recover and push again.

During these hard times we look to people for guidance and support. The people we turn to are those that we respect due to their morals and values or they may have something that we desire.

Considering the difficulties I have faced this year, this letter couldn’t be more timely. It came from someone I look up to (me, just older). They are happy and strong. They have a supportive network and loving family. Their definition of success is based upon the magnitude of the positive influence one leaves upon society. Something I believe we should all align with.

Dear David,

I know that right now you are going through a rough time. That you don’t have the answers to the problems that you are letting consume you right now. I know that these are bigger challenges than you have ever faced before. I know that you are personally trying to transform yourself and give selflessly, yet you find it hard, a battle even within yourself to do so. I know you feel that the expectations on you can sometimes feel like a burden. I understand this, and I promise you, I know what it feels like. I want you to remember that both your happiest and your hardest days lay ahead. I want you to know that you are bigger than any struggle you face and that there is no failure. You do not fail off a horse, you fall. You only fail if you neglect to get back on. I know that you will surpass this current struggle and become more humble, far stronger and more mature for doing so. I know that you will continue to impact your nation and beyond for many decades to come. I know that you have a lot to give and it’s hard sometimes. You just have to trust and never doubt yourself. I know this is much easier to read than it is to do and I promise you that you will get better at it. In fact, I know you will. I know what lays ahead for you because I know your values and your moral compass. You either act in fear or act in faith and right now, you have to act in faith.

Sometimes it’s hard to trust the process but trust me, in hindsight, it’s harder not to.

Yours Truly

45 year old Dave Nixon

If you are serious about your goals in life then you have to understand that they will happen no matter what. There is no room for a plan B. It is no longer a matter of if but rather a matter of when. When you get to this level of mindset awesomeness you believe that the older version of yourself will have what you’re working towards.

Steve Jobs said that you can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking back. You have to have faith that you will get what you want. That you will work for it and reap what you deserve. Plan Bs leave room in your mind for failure. You have to trust the process.

Whenever I read this I get a sense of calm over me, I stop looking at the problem and start looking for the solution. It’s there. But you will miss it if you constantly stare at the problem. What you look for is what you get.

The best advice I have ever received was to take more of my own advice. Remember, you either act in fear or you act in faith. You have to know what you want and why. You have to look up to the person you will grow up to be. This is why I don’t ask people how life is treating them. I ask them how they are treating life.

So what advice would your older self give you right now? Remember that they already have what you’re aiming for. Leave me a comment below, I’d love to read them. 

Func up your life,


photo credit: Lívia Cristina via photopin cc

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