Minimal Living Will Make Your Life Better.

We used to be total shop-a-holics! We’d buy a new outfit each week, our wardrobes were literally overflowing with clothes, handbags and shoes. We didn’t realise that all that ‘stuff’ was occupying more than just physical space.

We first heard of minimal living almost 2 years ago from the blog, Becoming Minimalist. We got in the habit of reading a blog post everyday for a couple months and it sure did get through to us!

We don’t call ourselves minimalists (we’re like try hard minimalists or maybe failed minimalists) but we embrace the ‘less stuff is more’ thing! We also love sparkles and pretty stuff for our Instagram flat lays. So… you can imagine.

We like to say less stuff, more life! We’ve also noticed that more and more people we meet are doing the same thing. It seems like there’s a huge crossover with real food people and less stuff poeple. Cool, huh? And makes sense!

Detox your body, then detox your physical life!

So minimal living is just that, living with less stuff so you have space for more.

We live in a consumerist driven world where we receive messages every hour (or maybe minute). Messages that tell us to buy buy buy. Tell us that we NEED these things to be accepted, to have fun and to simply live.

Minimal living is about noticing these messages and being stronger than the advertising agencies. Strong enough to buy just what you need.

As we mentioned we’re not minimalists, we’ve just embraced this amazing movement and have felt amazing benefits. We buy less, own less and have gained so much.

Minimal_living (1)

The good stuff that comes along with living minimally…

  • You spend less money on ‘stuff’ so you have more money to spend  on real things like beautiful fresh produce or an amazing experience with your family and freinds.
  • You spend less time cleaning stuff because you simply own less! Less time spent cleaning is always a good thing.
  • You own less clothes, just the staples you love. This means there’s less choice and no what am I going to wear?! moments where you try on 50 outfits, wear choice #2 and spend 30 minutes cleaning up the mess you made (sound familiar?).
  • Goodbye clutter! Does clutter bother you, make you anxious, take up valuable brain space? Less stuff = no clutter and more brain space! #amazing

The best thing about living (more) minimally is that once you make the decision to do so, a weight is lifted from your shoulders. You no longer have any reason to keep up to date with fashion or the newest gadget. We also find it empowering to walk through the shops and walk back out with nothing extra in our hands. 

You’ll have more time to for coffee catch ups, book reading, staring at the clouds and all the stuff you love.

merrymaker_sisters_coffee_cup (1)

Less stuff, more life! Yeah! Boom!

We’ll leave you with words from Brooke McAlary, Slow Your Home.

Call it simple living. Call it minimalism. Regardless, living a life with less stuff gives you more time and energy for the things that are important. Family. Friends. Adventure. Travel. Health. Quiet. Cocktails in the afternoon sun.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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