119: The stories behind our tattoos


We got new tattoos! Yay so fun and cool, we love them. We got a bunch of questions about them on social media so we decided to record a podcast episode about the meanings and stories behind them. 

We both got exactly the same tattoos. HAHA, no we don’t do everything together but yes we are super best sissy friends. It’s bloody awesome. How good are sibling friends? It seriously brings joy and warmth to our hearts when we meet other siblings who are proper best friends. Yay, all of us. We are so #blessed like fo real. Listen here!

Ok, so the first tattoo is the sister tattoo. 

Walking on sunshine

Yes, like the song! This is our sister song. This is our sister tattoo! Reminds us of being together, working hard, doing stuff we love and having fun (slash walking on sunshine ;)).

It’s about choosing to wake up and see the sunshine, choosing to walk on sunshine even though clouds and darkness may come into our lives. 


Walking on sunshine. ☀☀☀ Thanks @charlotte.tattoos

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The congruency sign

We got this tattoo together with our housemates. It’s a mathematical symbol BUT it also means, in agreement and harmony and alignment.

It’s like… to live in alignment and in harmony with our hearts. So think and speak and live in alignment with our hearts.

And now… we want another tattoo each. 

Carla is thinking she wants a lotus, cross rose, cross triangle and Emma wants a flower love heart thingy. Designs are in the making (in our brains and hearts).


Walking on sunshine ??? thanks epic @charlotte.tattoos ???

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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