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We’re here in New York, New York City (woohoo) and we just got back from a brekky meet up with Mr Dan Churchill himself. Of course we went to Hu Kitchen and don’t worry we will remember to venture around! Dan told us there’s over 40 thousand eating spots in NYC, so we better get eating! Here’s a quick video of Dan and Carla.

It was great catching up with Dan. Even though we’ve only met him once before we get him and he gets us so we had a super fun and inspiring brekky catch up. Talking all things cooking, dreams and following that bliss! We also got all the goss on his upcoming TV show and cook book… this guy is going places and on a grand scale. It just shows what a lot of hard work can get you and the best bit is that he’s just a top guy keeping it real.

We all got organic eggs with Hu Bread and sides of veggies and (mountains of) bacon! There was a hell of a lot of yum-ness and merry-ness going on! Can you believe these massive PALEO and ORGANIC breakfasts were only $8.95 US. So that equals around $11 in Aussie Dollars! Bargain or what? Kept us full all day!


Another bonus about spending 2 weeks in New York is that you don’t need to cram everything in a couple days. We actually get to stop and take it all in, mindful traveling or what!

We leisurely strolled around the West Village and stumbled onto the Union Square Markets, time to buy some veggies! These veggies weren’t organic but sure looked mighty fresh and all the stall holders were so friendly so it felt good to support them.

We’ve only walked 2467 steps! Blame Emma she got a massive blister on her ankle (gross) so we’re having an afternoon of writing, planning, cooking and general merrymaking. The perfect working day we could say!

We will be posting about NYC everyday and we’d just love you to keep up to date with #merrymakersdoNYC on social media!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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