Get Inspired With: Nicole Avery from Planning With Kids.

Today we’re dedicating ‘Get Inspired With’ to Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids (aka The Planning Queen!). As you can gather Nicole blogs about being super organised, her kids and more!

We first heard from Nicole at the Pro Blogger Conference 2013.  The first thing we noticed about Nicole, as she sat up on stage was her great arms…. she has killer arms.

After some time we finally had a play on her blog and noticed this in the ‘About Me’ section:

I am slightly addicted to spreadsheets, running and CrossFit. I was up until June this year addicted to Diet Coke, but have now kicked that habit and am a lover of tea. I am currently on a journey to improve my diet and have eliminated processed foods, grains, refined sugars and am eating as clean as possible. My focus is on eating whole foods that nourish and allow me perform well at the physical activities I pursue, as well as my daily life.  I am bringing my family along with me in this journey, but they are still eating grains, pasta, rice etc – it is a work in progress, but this year we have all started eating better!

Ahhh ok now we understand the killer arms and ummmm Nicole is kind of amazing! YAY for amazing people! She eats to nourish, kicked her DC habit, like us BUT she is also taking her whole fam bam along with her on this journey! Oh and supporting and promoting to A LOT of people #GoNicole.

We actively lookout for inspiration and Nicole sure does fit the bill!

Get inspired! Go out of your way to find it because sometimes it doesn’t just fall in to your lap! It’s a good habit to get into and we highly recommend it. We love to notice good things, awesome people and use them for inspiration. One thing we always do… is let these people know how amazing they are!  This way everybody feels the positivity! You know we are all about the positivity. Get inspired and feel good, give a compliment and feel good PLUS the person receiving the compliment will obviously…. feel good. (Yes we overused the word good.)

Nicole eats well and has amazing arms but we must touch on the planning factor!  We thrive on being organised, ok from an outsiders perspective it may appear to be organised chaos (Nicole, you might just see it as chaos!) but it works for us.  We know many of our lovely merrymaker friends are Mums and we know you will GREATLY benefit from Nicole and Planning with Kids. On the site you can find delicious recipes, menu planning (including an app!), kiddies activities, parenting info, timetables to help with chores (we like this one!), easy DIY and HEAPS more!  She’s also an expert blogger, social media queen and fab public speaker!

Is there anything this superwoman doesn’t do?! Nope! We checked, and nope, she can do everything!

Here are some must reads that feature on Nicole’s blog…

Menu planning for cooking in bulk – you will NEVER make a smoothie the same way again, prepare for organised-ness!

Reorganising the pantry – we NEED to do this… for some reason ours gets out of hand every other week!

5 tips to find more time for the things you love – because EVERYONE wants more time to do the stuff you love!

These are just 3 of the 100s of blog posts on Nicole’s blog, we are yet to get through them all but we’re determined to!

Enjoy and hopefully this gave you a little inspiration too!

Always merrymaking,

e + c

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