One Minute Paleo Chocolate Cake | Why We Don’t Eat Sugar.

Who needs sugar or chemical sweeteners when you can sweeten foods naturally with things like berries, dates, raw honey, rice malt syrup and stevia?! If you’re just after our super delish, super easy one minute paleo chocolate cake… just scroll down! 

Everyone loves a sweet treat… but we DON’T love the way we feel post (regular) sweet treat, the ones full of refined sugars. We have been cooking + creating our (refined) sugar free sweet treats for a while now… and we seriously don’t understand why anyone uses the table sugar variety!

There are good and bad things about each and every natural sweetener, like that honey makes everything taste amazing… buuuuut… it still spikes our GI levels and that some fruits (like berries) are better for us than others (like bananas). Now before you add honey and bananas to the ‘not so good for you’ list, we will say just one thing… any natural sweetener is better than the table sugar or chemical variety.

So why no sugar? Our motto is do what works for you and what makes you feel good. Have you ever felt good after a sugary filled treat? Maybe for 5 minutes but then you hit a low, or you feel guilty, or your stomach gets a cramp. ‘To feel good’ is motivation enough for us to kick the sugar habit. Not to mention we lost weight, our skin cleared and we were no longer bloated every afternoon. 

We want to hear your sugar quitting stories! Leave us a comment on this post and tell us: did it work? What natural sweeteners do you use? How do you feel? Don’t be shy now!

Speaking of all things sweet, we’ve created a super delicious, super easy one minute paleo chocolate cake. Yes, you can make it one minute, we’re not kidding!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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one minute paleo chocolate cake.
Serves 1
Prep Time
1 min
Total Time
1 min
Prep Time
1 min
Total Time
1 min
stuff you need
  1. 1 1/2 tbs. raw cacao powder
  2. 1 egg
  3. 1 tbs. coconut oil melted
  4. 1/2 tbs. coconut flour
  5. 1/2 tbs. maple syrup (or natural sweetener of choice)
  6. 2 tbs. almond milk (or coconut milk or water)
now what
  1. Mix all ingredients until smooth (we use our Vitamix blender to make it super smooth).
  2. Place into a mug or small ramekin and microwave for 40 seconds.
Merrymaker tip
  1. You can also bake these in the oven for 10 minutes on 180°C (350°F).
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  1. I’m eating this as I type – and ohmygosh is it good! I’m eating mine with strawberries and a sneaky scoop of icecream (shhhhh……)

  2. Hi Bexi… YUMMMM!! We are so glad you like it! We won’t tell anyone about the icecream hehe! Hmmm think we might go make some now! Thanks for your comment! e + c

  3. Looks amazing!! If only I had some Cacao powder… off to the shops tomorrow 😀 😀

  4. Just made and ate this bad boy – it was SO good. It’s Friday night and I really felt like something sweet so instead of going and getting a ice cream from the servo I made this and it was well worth it xxx

  5. You are awesome Erin!! Isn’t it the best feeling ever when you make a decision like that!! AND really this bad boy is so much more delicious than servo ice cream anyway hehe!! Thanks for you comment and super glad you enjoyed the recipe. xxx e + c

  6. WOW this is delicious.. I did alter it a little by adding cacao butter to the mixture. I had mine with toasted coconut. This is definitely a keeper! Thank you!

  7. Hey Adelie! YUM! Your addition sounds amazing! Think we will have to try that next time! MMM How good is toasted coconut?! So glad you liked the recipe! e + c

  8. Loooove the toasted coconut! We had it again tonight for sweets – this time with berries 🙂 So easy and so so so tasty! x

  9. can you substitute the coconut flour with anything else? I have a baby who is fast asleep, so I can’t leave to go and get any, but I’m dying for something sweet.

  10. Hi Alanna! Any other flour or nut meal will substitute well for the coconut flour! Almond meal is our next favourite! e + c

  11. I made this tonight and certainly cured the sweet fix! I topped with berries and coconut yoghurt on the side! Yum 🙂

  12. Hi Tania! That sounds like a perfect 1 minute cake to us! 🙂 🙂 YUMMOOOOOOOOOO! So glad we could help feed that sweet tooth 😉 e + c

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  14. Oh this cake looks delicious! I used to always make the “traditional” chocolate mug cake when I was younger (before I stopped eating sugar), but haven’t since, so I can’t wait to try this. On quitting sugar – I went cold turkey over 18 months ago and havent looked back since! When I cook sweets, I usually use dates, coconut sugar or maple syrup, although now that I don’t eat any sugar I find that I am quite sensitive to it, so I need far less sugar in my baked goods than what I used to use. I have so much more energy and my brain feels “clearer” since quitting 🙂

  15. We have noticed those exact benefits! It’s so amazing how our bodies react to sugar, especially when you don’t eat it!This little cake is a beauty! Perfect when you need a quick little sweet treat! See you on Instagram! ;);) xox e + c

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  17. BRILLIANT….. enjoyed it with some fresh berries and it was delicious……10 minutes in the oven?! #aintnobodygottimefordat 😉 – 40 seconds in the mico #getinmyface

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  19. Errrr, I tried this wig Stevia drops, it was way too strong on the chocolate. So I tried again with less cocoa powder and still awful. I don’t get it…is this like the emperors new clothes or something?

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  21. I eat 85% chocolate so I usually like it strong. Maybe there’s a translation issue as in the uk we bake by weight not quantity, ie grams not spoons. I can’t have sugar right now which is why I’m trying to find something good to bake with Stevia but no joy so far. I’ll maybe try experimenting with my own recipe next. Thanks. X

  22. I’ve cracked it! I went to the newly opened American section in the supermarket and managed to find the exact ingredients, rather than trying to replace them with the UK equivalent. I then used date nectar with four drops of Stevia as the sweetness, no sugar! Wow, it tasted amazing. I want another but my tummy is full, it was so satisfying. Thank you. X

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  24. I bought beetroot powder today so decided to try this, but subbing 1/2 the cacao with beetroot powder. Turned out delish!

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  26. How many calories are in these muggins? Are they appropriate to eat for breakfast if trying to lose a few kgs? Thanks

  27. Post

    Hi Greer! We don’t count calories but this would be a great brekky option. If you concentrate on eating whole foods and not too much, adding daily exercise this is a great place to start with the weight loss!

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