One Small Change.

Being bloggers, recipe developers, gym addicts + having desk jobs we spend a lot of our time in doors. Soaking up fluorescent lights + artificial energy (gross!). We lacked inspiration, the merrymaker spirit was bottled up + lost someplace… it was time to discover it all over again… but how? Well, making a change, just a small one.

one small change.

For all of November, one of our favourite products, Loving Earth (because it’s so darn yummy) is asking us all to make one small change for the better. It can be anything you like, just as long as it has a positive affect on your life. It might be something you start doing… or something you stop doing… it really is up to you + your creativity.

We want to hear all about your one small change. So get sharing, post it to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #merrymakerchange and #onesmallchange. We will be collaborating all of the images into one BIG happy one small change video montage to showcase on our blog. Not only this but we have an entire box of Loving Earth Luvjus to giveaway… more on this soon!

So what’s our one small change

SPEND MORE TIME OUTSIDE. That’s right, real light (the sun/moon/stars), grass, streets, dirt, hidden alleyways, water, picnics, mountains, sand, forgotten pathways + actually stopping to smell the roses (or daisies!).

We’ve been ticking off our outside time each day + you can count the merrymaker spirit as FOUND + we would love for your to check out our latest video all about it!

This is one small change for life.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s remember to share your one small change with us: #merrymakerchange #onesmallchange + we will feature them in our next video!

p.p.s you can read more ‘one small change’ submissions here.

photo credit: Nanagyei via photopin cc

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  1. My #onesmallchange is….

    To slow down. Enjoy the moment, and enjoy the meal!

    (A lot of the time eating is something on my to do list and I try and find the quickest way to do it. Since finding out about Paleo I have a new passion for food and I’m in the kitchen enjoying the time it takes to prepare a meal, not just the part where you eat it!)

  2. We LOVE your #onesmallchange! We have just decided to kick out the TV (yay!) so meal times are much more pleasant 🙂 To be in the running for the choccies, be sure to hashtag a photo #onesmallchange and #merrymakerchange on twitter, instagram or facebook 🙂 Look forward to seeing your pic! e & c

  3. my one small change is not to scrutinize my appearance or body anymore. it’s such a waste of time when i could be thinking about positive things about myself or enjoying the company of others! I want to love my body and my person- and not allow myself to trip over small mistakes and just accept that it’s part of being human!

  4. Hi Lola! This is such a great #onesmallchange! Be sure to share an image that represents your one small change on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be in the running for the fabulous choccies! e & c

  5. I have two small changes I would like to make. My first is to run more. Get outside and just run! My second is to LOVE my body and accept my flaws while working on changing what I do not like 🙂 Self acceptance is the first step!

  6. Hi Jess! Thanks for your comment 🙂 It is open Australia wide but we are always excited to hear everyone’s small changes! We LOVE your changes! e & c

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