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In the hustle of modern life, carving out time to relax and recharge isn’t just a luxury, it’s a requirement for your mind and body health. The MerryBody App understands this need deeply, offering 60 online Yin Yoga classes designed to help you slow down, stretch out and soothe your mind and body in the most gentle way possible. The classes incorporate elements of somatic exercises, so each session becomes a holistic experience of physical and mental rejuvenation.

Unlike Vinyasa, Yin Yoga is a slower practice that involves floor-based postures. You hold these poses for longer periods and in the MerryBody classes the holds are usually from around 3 minutes to 7 minutes.  This method is not about testing endurance or strength but about letting go. It allows you to slow your mind and body down.

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Why Try Online Yin Yoga? 

Online Yin Yoga makes it accessible and effective for everyone, no matter your level of Yoga experience. The MerryBody classes always include modifications and the support is amazing. When you have questions, simply post them in the community group.

The online factor also reduces all the excuses that get in the way to creating a consistent Yoga practice, unlike in-person Yoga studios, which often only offer a limited number of weekly Yin Yoga sessions (at sometimes inconvenient times like 7:30 pm or 3:30 pm) the app allows you to practise at your convenience. You press play on the online Yin Yoga classes when it suits you and your schedule. 

Each Yin Yoga session in the app is created to ensure you can easily relax without feeling rushed or pressured. Whether you roll out your Yoga mat in your living room, office, a hotel room or even a quiet spot at the park, these classes are just a few taps away. MerryBody lets you easily find a moment for yourself.


Yin Yoga is like a moving mindfulness meditation, where each long hold pose invites you to connect with the present moment and your breath.  

If you’re looking for relaxation, Yin Yoga is your answer! 

Yin Yoga is also the most amazing practice to reduce stress and anxiety. Nowadays everyone is overloaded with stress and cortisol levels are through the roof. The problem is, that instead of welcoming in a relaxation practice, people are running marathons. 

Yin Yoga is an amazing practice that can significantly lower cortisol levels. Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, can harm many bodily functions when levels remain elevated.  

High cortisol levels can lead to a variety of health issues, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • osteoporosis
  • muscle weakness
  • weight gain
  • mood swings, including anxiety and irritability
  • difficulties with memory and concentration
  • disrupted sleep or insomnia
  • reduced immune function
  • hormonal imbalances, affecting menstrual cycles and fertility


Why MerryBody Yin?

The big difference with MerryBody, is that it’s built on self-acceptance, so each Yin Yoga class is also a self-acceptance and self-compassion practice.

If you’re looking to shift your mindset and boost your inner confidence and self-esteem, MerryBody Yin Yoga classes are for you. 

The community aspect of the MerryBody App enhances the experience by connecting you with like-minded users on similar health and wellness journeys. This supportive community is motivating and encouraging, especially if you’re starting your Yoga or meditation journey.

Another important aspect of all MerryBody classes (including Yin, Pilates, Yoga, Barre classes, and the MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training course) is their exceptional production quality. A skilled video team utilises high-quality camera and audio equipment to ensure that each session offers clear visuals and crisp, easy-to-follow audio. This professional production enhances your experience, creating the immersive feeling of being right in the studio alongside the instructor.

Right now there are over 600 Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes offered inside the MerryBody App, over 60 of these are Yin Yoga. This class number continues to grow each and every week.  MerryBody is a practical, enjoyable and effective method to help manage stress and welcome overall health.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Yin Yoga? 

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