It’s Time To Get Organised For 2015!

Can you believe that in a couple weeks it’s going to be 2015?! Like, where the heck did the year go?! We’re actually super excited for 2015. 2014 was an amazing year of ground work and now it’s time to go full steam ahead! Merrymakers, go, hustle!

We totally work best when we’re organised and have a plan… and that’s what we’re planning on doing. Yes, we’re even planning on being planned! Woh!

It’s time to get organised for 2015! We think it’s important to look at all aspects of life when talking plans. Not just work stuff! Think social outings, movement, meditation, learning and more, otherwise things can get a little out of balance.

It’s a bit of a process to get organised but it’s definitely worth it and allows you to start the year off with clear direction and major motivation! This is how we’re getting organised for 2015 (aka the best. year. ever!).

Get a diary

It’s never too early! Depending on your preference you might like to use a more traditional organiser (paper, pretty, can fit in your handbag) or you might like to download a mobile app! This year we’ll be using an OTi Organiser (ridiculously adorable), as well as our Calendar app for reminders and scheduling meetings quickly! Our OTi Organisers are pretty much made for us health conscious souls, with space to write down our exercise AND meal plan for each week! Organised merrymakers coming at ‘cha!

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Yearly outlook

We like to plot out our year with key dates. Think birthdays, weddings and travel dates! For merrymakers, we also mark down days like Valentines and Easter so we can make sure we create content you guys want and love! We’re lucky that our OTi organiser has a yearly planner right at the front and we’ve already got the Philippines locked in for May (we’re attending the Tropical Think Tank event) as well as another USA working trip from June-August! Woha, exciting!

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Alright! It’s time to set your 2015 goals! We’ll be breaking ours down in to wellbeing (movement and food), career, relationships and spirituality. Write them down, stick them some where you can see them and keep reviewing them every month! Goals should have deadline dates but let’s remember that goals should also be flexible! Read more: How To Kick Your Goals In The Face! We like to write ours down on a big chalk board, this makes goal setting even more fun! 

Clear the clutter

We always say: a messy desk is a messy mind and our desk gets seriously cluttered sometimes! Oops! Before 2015 rolls around we’ll be sorting through papers and chucking out any unnecessary ‘things’. We’re not going to stop at the desk! We’ll be going through our bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and cupboards and getting rid of the things that we no longer need or use. There will be 2 boxes to make sorting the unnecessary stuff easy: CHARITY and CHUCK.  The act of giving will make you feel really good too, so this is definitely a win-win situation! Another place to clear the clutter is that handbag of yours! Just pack the essentials (note: you DO NOT need the kitchen sink!).

Money money money!

Watch out 2015 because this is the year that merrymakers pay ALL of their bills on time ;)! We’ve created a spreadsheet that tracks our incoming and outgoing costs and we’re also pledging to pay our bills as soon as they hit our inbox! To make tax time easier we’ve also scheduled in monthly dates to review our finances. We’ll spend this time collating receipts and looking at the month ahead regarding business and money. Money isn’t a dirty word here at Merrymaker HQ, we look at money like a by-product, it allows us to create more quality content that you guys love!

Work breakdown

Work breakdown structures are AMAZING for small projects and events. Basically it’s a do list with a little more detail! We find knowing exactly what we need to do by when to achieve certain goals makes us more accountable and stress-free! This is the work breakdown we use:

Task Details Timing Responsibility Status
What is your task? Expand, get in to the nitty gritty. Make a deadline. Who is accountable? Tick me when complete!

Accountability buddy

Have you ever told someone you’re going to do something and suddenly felt more inspired to go and get it done… just so you can be like, “Oh hey! I did that thing I told you I was going to do!” Yes? Us too! Get a friend or a family member and become each others accountability buddies. Tell them your plans and goals for 2015 and set dates to check in on progress. This is a super fun way to stay on track and get inspired.

Make it fun!

Getting organised doesn’t need to be a chore! Add joy and fun to these tasks! Put some fun tunes on, make a pot of herbal tea, enjoy a paleo sweet treat, walk and talk and get creative!

Ok! Now it’s over to you! We want to hear how you plan to get organised for 2015! Any tips and tricks? Share your knowledge! Spread the love! Just leave us a comment below!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

We want to thank OTi Organiser for sponsoring this post. We only agree to create sponsored posts with aligned businesses and services that we believe in. 

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