Paleo Cafe Canberra! Hooray!

paleo cafe canberra

Oh yeah we’re excited!

No, hold up… we’re SO FREAKING EXCITED about Paleo Café opening up in Canberra! Yay for team Paleo Café Canberra! Find it at Mort Street Braddon!

paleo cafe canberra  

Firstly we know the food is amazing, because DUH of course we’ve eaten at the Sydney café (and in Cairns and at the Gold Coast!). But now we have our very own Paleo Café up the road! YAY for that!

We are LOVING the fit out for the Paleo Cafe Canberra! Check it out!

paleo cafe canberra

If you don’t live near a Paleo Café you’ve got to get your butt to one! If you’re a fellow Canberran you’ve got to give it a try! We know you’re gonna love it because…

  • Every single item on the menu is #paleo…. yes even the bread choices, the sweet treats and the beverages. EVERY. SINGLE. THING! You don’t need to worry about modifying any part of the menu! Here’s the food menu!

paleo cafe_food menu

  • The meal sizes are the right side of generous! In fact, they are huge! Check out our pancakes! DELISH!

paleo cafe canberra

  • It’s super good value! With stuff like bacon and eggs, with spinach, savoury bread and a sweet potato Rosti for just $15.50!
  • There’s an epic smoothie menu! And they don’t all have banana in them! (This might be a personal merrymaker love!).

paleo cafe canberra

  • PLUS! There’s an EPIC hot chocolate menu! Yep! Next time we are definitely trying the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate… excuse us while drown in our own drool! Here’s the drinks menu!

paleo cafe_drinks menu

  • They do awesome seasonal specials too! Like today (it’s winter) we ordered Turmeric Lattes! Super healing and oh so delish with ginger and cinnamon!

paleo cafe canberra

  • There’s menu items specifically for kids! Like healthy pancakes and chicken skewers with sweet potato chippies and salad! Best looking kids menu we’ve ever seen!
  • You can order super healing bone broth, perfect if you’re not so keen on making it!
  • All coffee can be made on coconut milk and almond milk… and if you’re primal they’ve still got the cows milk.
  • The menu changes with the seasons. YAY for fresh seasonal produce!

These were the Paleo Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon! YUM! Amazingly delicious food! 

paleo cafe canberra

Oh and if you need a reminder of why we eat paleo, this is form the Paleo Café team…

Serving fresh, seasonal, nutritious and delicious food and drinks, Paleo Café is the ideal option for those who are conscious of the effects of food on their health, those seeking results through nutrition and those with food sensitivities looking for a trusted place to eat.

paleo cafe canberra

Following the Paleo framework, the menu incorporates plenty of plant-based foods, quality meat, seafood, eggs, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and herbs and is free from dairy, grains, gluten, legumes, sugar and preservatives, which our bodies were not designed to digest and can be harmful to our bodies.

These foods were only introduced into our diets during the first agricultural revolution approximately 12,000 years ago and have caused countless health issues and modern day diseases including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune diseases, food intolerances, inflammation, behavioural issues, and ultimately a poor quality of life for many people.

Do you love Paleo Café as much as us? Comment below and let us know all about it!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s we also have HUGE love for all the Paleo Cafes because they told us this morning that they’re going to stock our book Make It Merry Australia wide… which is like… so super awesome! 🙂

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