Book Review: Paleo Cafe Lifestyle Cookbook.


We met Marlies  and Jai Hobbs in 2012 when they opened their very first Paleo Cafe, yes, not all that long ago! Fast forward a year and a bit, there are now 11 Paleo Cafe franchises around Australia! Wow! Wow! Wow! If you haven’t been to a Paleo Cafe before we’d strongly encourage you to check it out, there really is nothing better than visiting a cafe, knowing that you’re only putting good in to your body to better your wellbeing. Get the burger… seriously nom! Not only is Marlies one of the founders of the Paleo Cafe empire but she recently wrote the Paleo Cafe Lifestyle Cookbook. A beautiful, hard cover book full of information, inspiration and of course delicious, healthy recipes.

If you’re new to paleo and need the basics then you’ll love the pre-section which provides a great overview of the paleo lifestyle: what’s in, what’s out and not just food! It covers wellbeing and lifestyle aspects like meditation, exercise, stocking your pantry, ‘falling off the wagon’ and tips for getting kids on board. The book encourages very similar messages to what we believe (which is why we love it) – that paleo doesn’t have to be hard or a task, in fact it can be the very opposite once you make a few first changes.  So if you’re wondering whether the book will make a positive addition to your bookshelf… the answer is yes (and this is even before we’ve mentioned the recipes!).

Oh you want to talk about the food… of course you do! Well again, 10 stars for the recipe range and selection. We didn’t count them but there must be over 150 recipes in there: breakfast, main meals, kids meals, sweet treats, sauces, snacks… everything to make paleo super easy and yum, heck! There’s even a bread recipe (which we’ve re-designed ourselves, check out the recipe HERE).

Some of the stand out recipes include: date and nut porridge, slow roasted pork belly, banoffee cheesecake with caramel sauce, lemon meringue pie and mojitos! Yay! We had you at pork belly right? Or cheesecake?! Whether you’re a real sweet tooth or savoury queen (or king) the Paleo Cafe Lifestyle Cookbook will have your mouth watering.

PLUS throughout the entire thing there are little words of wisdom that aim to inspire every reader. We have a real LOVE for inspirational quotes (this is our favourite thing about the book), here are some we love:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”

“Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.”

“Positive things happen to positive people.”

“Don’t follow your dreams, chase them!” (definitely our personal favourite!).

We want to take this space to thank Marlies and Jai Hobbs for creating Paleo Cafe and making it easier for Australians to make healthier choices. We know this is only the beginning. A huge congrats on a beautiful book too!

Ah, the bread! How could we forget?! Check out our (slightly modified) version of the Paleo Cafe Lifestyle Cookbook savoury bread recipe… you’ll thank us for this one, all kinds of delish… in fact, it’s kind of our new obsession! Us? Obsessed? With food? Never!


Always merrymaking,

Emma+ Carla

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