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Today we walked 16544 steps in New York City! Oh, we also had the BEST day in New York City today (we just love typing that out! Did we mention we’re in New York City?!).

Yesterday we hung around midtown and we will admit we were a little worried… we were thinking ‘Is this New York, we’re not sure if we love it just yet!’. Well we can confirm we’re totally in love with the Lower East Side and the East Village (wait… are they the same thing?).

We were so tired last night and went to bed pretty early. Slept for about 30 minutes and then woke up to sirens, people, music… oh that’s right we’re in the city that never sleeps! Doh! Note to merrymakers, invest in earplugs. Anyway we were wide awake until about 3am and then we slept in until 11.30am… we never ever sleep in (at home 7.30am is a sleep in) so it was weird!

First stop was our local Juice Press. It’s a juice, smoothie, salad and vegan sweet treat franchise. Most of their items actually have agave so we wouldn’t touch them BUT the cold brew coffee is all kinds of good! With zero agave, woohoo! The perfect Sunday morning pick-me-up after a couple days of crappy sleep! Paleo cold brewed coffee in New York: tick!

Next stop: Hu Kicthen! Well we thought it was the next stop.

Carla led the way (she is the queen of map reading and Emma sucks… says Carla!) and guess who ended up wandering around China Town with no map, no wifi and really just no idea. Yes, we did. The best part was that it was actually fun and we were in no rush… so we embraced lost and just kept walking!

Next stop actually turned in to: exploring China Town! It was all hustle and bustle. Which then led us to the Financial District, there were some big beautiful old buildings around here, we walked under the Brooklyn Bridge, found some super cute cafes and then we remembered an old work friend told us about this booth which sells discount Broadway tickets. We got excited then found out it’s tickets for that day only! But hey! Now we know the way back! More details to come about this!


Ok… time to talk about the GOOD STUFF! We eventually made it to Hu Kitchen! AKA the best place to eat in New York City. Seriously it was like Hu Kitchen designed that place especially for us! Everything we needed in one spot!

Organic coffee, paleo snacks, paleo treats… oh my! Delicious primal and paleo breakfasts, yes please! All organic primal, paleo REAL HUMAN FOOD! Do you get the name now: Hu Kitchen! Ahhh we just love it and don’t you worry we’ll be back there at least 5 times (ok, probably 10) and there will be a dedicated post all about it! Oh we’re excited just thinking about it! 


Next stop was home to our little Lower East Side apartment (it’s so cute!) for a rest. Seriously, sneakers are our best friends while walking around NYC! Not sure how SJP did it!

We didn’t feel like much for dinner so luckily our blogger friend and fellow Institute of Integrative Nutrition grad booked us in to her favourite vegan restaurant, Caravan of Dreams. Although we eat paleo we always say we can paleo-fy anything! So we enjoyed raw salads stacked with avocado. Just what we needed! Far out avocado just makes us happy!

Caravan of Dreams_NYC

But, do you know what the best bit is… we’ve hardly explored New York and we have another 2 weeks here! We will be posting everyday and we’d just love you to keep up to date with #merrymakersdoNYC on  FacebookTwitterGoogle+Instagram and of course YouTube! Here’s Episode 2! Plus go and check out our first episode here!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

#merrymakersdoNYC is brought to you by Raw Blend and Australian Blueberries.  

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