Yes or No the Choice is (Always) Yours!


Ever been to an office afternoon tea (we have been to more than our fair share), where everyone brings in a plate and you sit, chat and graze for the hour? Birthdays, babies, farewells, welcome back—and what about CHRISTMAS!?
The ‘celebrations’ never end!We have eight christmas celebrations coming up in the next two and half weeks (oh. my. gosh) but we don’t plan on over-indulging. No matter which way you look there is always going to be a plate that tempts and teases. Oreos, doritos and salsa oh my! It might look more like a children’s birthday party than a ‘grown-ups’ gathering.Well, for us, gone are the days where we used to run in and snatch up the biggest, brightest cup cake. Why? You may ask…well, it’s the feeling after that we just got sick of. Not just that guilty ‘I can’t believe I ate all that’ feeling (we know we have all said that line before) but also the way your body feels. Your stomach feels like it has been tied in knots and you feel tired and annoyed that you just un-did everything you did that week regarding your healthy eating and gym workouts.Sound familiar? Well take a stand for yourself.Next gathering you be the bearer of the fruit or veggie platter (trust us, this will probably be all gone by the end of it!) and if someone offers you something you don’t want (or you know you will wish you hadn’t)…how about you use this line…’No thanks!’ You may receive the sarcastic reply of ‘can’t you eat that on your diet?’ and a simple reply to this might be: ‘I can eat what ever I want, I choose not to’. One hundred points to you!Even better—why not influence your colleagues or friends to jump on the healthy eating band wagon too? Make your next gathering a clean eating one full of fresh fruit, veggies or how about some paleo crackers and paleo hummus?! ‘Yes man’ was a good movie but sometimes you just gotta say NO! (thanks).

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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