We Just Made Paleo Lollies… Yes For Real Like The Jelly Baby Kind.

Today we kind of blew our own minds. We made paleo lollies… yep,true story. What do we mean by lollies? Glad you asked. Think jelly babies, or snakes, or jubes… we’re talking jelly lollies and we totally, completely, 100% made a healthy version.

We even made a video showing you how to make them!

We’re talking so healthy, you could pretty much eat the entire batch and that would be ok. The only annoying thing would be that you don’t have any left for tomorrow so you’d have to whip up another batch. Which actually isn’t even that bad of a thing because the recipe is so darn easy. Do you guys get sick of us saying that?

Anyway! Back to the important part… the recipe for paleo lollies! This may be the most excited we’ve ever been about a recipe. Imagine being able to fill a kids lolly bag with sweets that are actually good for them! This is big… this is major! This is EXCITING stuff! Basically, the paleo lollies have 3 ingredients: fresh juice, gelatin and sweetener of choice. The lollies are good for us because of the gelatin and you can read all about the benefits of gelatin here.

But before you do that… whip up a batch of these babies now! You won’t regret it… as we said: life changing! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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paleo lollies2

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paleo lollies.
Serves 2
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
40 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
40 min
  1. 1/3 cup fresh fruit or vegetable juice strained (we used lime and beetroot for ours)
  2. 1 1/2 tbs. powdered gelatin
  3. 1 tbs. honey or rice malt syrup
  1. In a small sauce pan combine the juice and sweetener.
  2. Sprinkle over the gelatin and mix together.
  3. Allow to stand for 5 minutes (it will go jelly like, it's like a science experiment almost!).
  4. Place the sauce pan on to medium heat and continuously stir for 5 minutes until smooth.
  5. Carefully fill silicon molds or ice cube trays with the lolly mix.
  6. Place in to the freezer for 20 minutes or until set.
  7. Pop out the paleo lollies and enjoy!
  8. Store these in an airtight container for around 1 week. We like to keep them fresh in the fridge but they also do ok in the cupboard, just be careful there's no moisture left on the lollies or they will go 'off' very quickly!
Merrymaker tip
  1. Pineapple stops gelatin from gelling so don't use pineapple juice 🙂
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  2. Do you store these in the fridge, freezer, or at room temperature?

    And are these like gummy candy? And how many do they make?

    Looks super yummy!

  3. Hi Grace! Pete (Evans) recommends to store them in an airtight jar in your cupboard but in the fridge might be safer! They are like gummy candy – like jelly babies or snakes! The recipe makes about an ice tray full 🙂 Let us know how you go! e + c

  4. Hey girls, I’ve been making sour (add lemon juice) watermelon gummies for a few months now, which are super yummy (I was a bit of a Jelly Joiner freak before paleo life!) but only using normal gelatin as I’ve not been able to find the Great Lakes. Did you get it in Oz or from overseas just out of interest?

  5. Hi Amanda! We purchase our great lakes gelatin from the Aussie online store: Rachel’s Organics – she imports it from the US and re-sells it! 🙂 Your gummies sound AMAAAAAAAZING!!!! Would love the recipe! 🙂 e + c

  6. Thanks Simone! They really are delish!Let us know how you go. We had a quick look at your site and we love it!! So pink… our fave! xoxo e + c

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  9. Hey,

    I just tried to make a double batch with a combination of pineapple juice & beetroot juice and it didn’t gelatinise. I even tried adding more gelatin and nada. Do you know if there is some reaction with the fruit juice that would change the way the gelatin works?

    (I made some the day before by following the recipe exactly, and they worked fine)

  10. Post

    Hi Angela! Thanks so much for your comment and what an awesome question! Hmm! This is so super interesting! We’re going to do a bit of research… we’ve definitely used beetroot before so we’re thinking maybe it is the pineapple?! We will see if we find anything! <3 Glad they worked the first time though! e + c

  11. The following have a natural enzyme called “bromelain” which prevents jelly from thickening: Pineapple, Kiwi, Papaya, Guava, Fig, Ginger Root.

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  14. how do you do it with beetroot just juice the beets and then add the gelatin??
    thx girls

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  16. Amazing, they turned out great, thankyou fir the inspiration! This will help me get more healthy fats into my girls diet!

  17. Post
  18. Have you got a thermomix conversion? I’m being super lazy I know but made yesterday in thermie and they were a little rubbery. Going to try orange juice and lemon juice today 🙂

  19. Post

    Hi Lisa, ohhh so you heated it in the theme?! We actually don’t use one… BUT maybe it was heated too much? Let us know how you go,m we’re super interested! x

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  21. Why are you suggesting rice malt syrup as an option? Anything derived from rice is non-paleo

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  23. I wondered if you could use puree instead, such as rhubarb? Love your recipes by the way.

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  25. Hi, I made some beetroot and berry lollies yesterday, but they were so tough. I think the gelatine amount is too much. I researched the recommended gelatine to liquid ratio and they suggest 1 Tablespoon to 2 Cups of liquid.
    So 1 1/2 Tablespoons Gelatine in 1/3 Cup Juice is way too much gelatine???

  26. Post

    Hi Mandy, there are lots of different ways to make lollies with different levels of hard/softness. Try another recipe and pick your favourite. 🙂

  27. Hey there, I have realised that one of the points to making these with the amount of gelatine in them, is because of the health benefits of gelatine. I will try them again, but may cut down on the amount a little ….. they are a treat after all. Thank you for the amazing recipes and I love the recipe book.

  28. I read on another page the pineapple has something mysterious in it that stops it from setting in gelatine. All other fruits ok but pineapple.

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  30. Hi girls love this recipe have made it a couple of times now. The one I made today was mandarin and lime, it tastes really yummy. Just a quick question, my jellies seem to end up with a bit of foam every time I make them. Am I stirring them for too long? Or could it be that I ran out of grass fed gelatin and am using the ordinary store bought stuff till I can get some of the other one?
    Love checking out your site and trying different recipes.. and Love the videos.

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  32. My first batch didn’t set like a firm jelly (probably the cooks error) so popped them in the freezer and then stir through ice cream for a fruity dessert, yum!

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  35. Hi girls,
    I am buying a gelatin that needs to be added to boiling water to dissolve it first (or so I have been told). How could I achieve that in this recipe? Make heat the strained fruit first, then add the gelatin?

  36. Post
  37. Can you use fruit puree instead of juice? So I can clear out some of my frozen fruit that won’t juice now?

  38. Post
  39. Could you make this with strawberries or raspberries? Would you still need another fruit juice too?

  40. Post
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