Why Are Mangoes Good For You on a Paleo Lifestyle?

We guest-a-mate about 95% of the people we know love love love mangoes and for good reason! That got us to thinking about why are mangoes good for you? A few weeks ago we asked you, ‘what summer foods are you most looking forward to?’ + mango was the clear winner. They are definitely the smell + taste of summer. What’s better than a mango on a hot summers day? Most people would say nothing…WRONG! How about a deliciously icey cold paleo mango smoothie?! Now we’re talking!

Before you race off, we found some awesome reasons for you to enjoy mangoes even more (not that you needed any). Yes… mangoes are really really good for you!

  • mangoes have heaps of enzymes so this means they clear your skin
  • these enzymes also aid digestion + are full of fibre
  • mangoes are packed with vitamin A + C, this means they boost your immunity
  • they help to alkalise your body
  • research even shows that mangoes prevent cancer!

Just for fun + to make you crave our paleo mango smoothie even more… here are some interesting facts about juicy juicy mangoes…

  • mangoes are actually the worlds most popular fruit!
  • Australians eat there way through 8 million mangoes a year
  • mango trees can grow up to 30 metres (or 100 feet)… that’s pretty tall
  • mangoes are related to cashews
  • you can speed up the ripening of your mangoes by placing them in a brown paper bag
  • put them in the fridge to slow down ripening
  • there’s more than 1000 varieties of mangoes all around the world
  • mangoes help to tenderise stuff, so add them to your next meat marinade
  • oh + if you struggle cutting mangoes here is an awesome breakdown of how to hedgehog your mango!

Now for the yum stuff! Here’s a quick + easy paleo mango smoothie recipe that tastes like summer + reminds us of the beach!

Always merrymaking,

e + c

p.s remember how we mentioned that 95% of people LOVE mangoes… another fun fact is that e actually HATES mangoes… say whaaat?! True story!

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