How Many Hours Should We Sleep? and Our go-to Paleo Omelette Recipe.


6? 7? 8? 9?

Hours of sleep that is (what else did you think we were talking about?!)

We aim for 8…but we used to get a lot less. It seemed that sleep was last on our priority list and there were a million other things we had to do before our heads hit the pillow.

So we were going to bed late…PLUS our alarms were set for 5.30am (because there was no way we were missing our morning workout!) Not good (or healthy) at all.

We would wake up feeling more tired than when we went to bed, our skin was a mess, our workouts were lacking oomf and as for our concentration…well, what concentration?

Sleep is totally underrated. Sleep is like charging your batteries. This is the time your muscles recover, your skin renews and overall your body refreshes. So if you aren’t getting enough – then you are losing out on precious potential ‘be the best version of you’ time.

So how did we get around it? How did we start saying “we are done for the night…it can wait until tomorrow.” Well, we set a schedule…so yes, we now have a bed time! And we constantly ask ourselves what’s the worst thing that can happen if this doesn’t get done right this second? If we can’t think of an answer…it can DEFINITELY wait for tomorrow.

So get your PJs on and put sleep on your priority list. You will find yourself in a better mood, your concentration will improve, your metabolism won’t slow, your immune system will thrive and studies show that you will actually live longer!

After a good night’s sleep you need a breakfast fit for a king or queen, so here’s our go-to paleo omelette recipe.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

our go-to paleo omelette.
Serves 2
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
20 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
20 min
Stuff you need
  1. 4 eggs
  2. 4 egg whites
  3. 2 tbs. water
  4. 2. tbs almond milk
  5. 1 tbs. fresh chopped dill
  6. 100g sliced button mushrooms
  7. 1 diced green capsicum
  8. 200g roughly chopped ham (off the bone, sliced is best)
  9. 2 sliced shallots
  10. salt + pepper to season
  11. freshly sliced avocado + tomato to serve
  12. coconut oil for the pan
now what
  1. Melt the coconut oil in a medium sized sauce pan on medium heat.
  2. Mean while, in a bowl, whisk the eggs, egg whites, water + almond milk.
  3. Once the sauce pan has heated to medium, pour the egg mix into the sauce pan.
  4. Allow the egg mix to sit in the sauce pan for a minute or two, or until you can see the edges cooking.
  5. Sprinkle the dill on top of the egg mix.
  6. This is where omelettes can get tricky.
  7. With a spatula, gently scrape the outside edge of the omelette toward the inside of the omelette, allowing un cooked egg to fill the space you just pushed into the centre.
  8. You don't need to scrape from the outside all the way to the centre, stop when you are about half way to the centre of the omelette.
  9. Continue to do this until the edges are cooked and the centre of the omelette is halfway cooked (there should still be liquid egg mix in the centre and on top but the edges should be formed by now).
  10. Now evenly add your toppings, pressing them into the egg mix a little.
  11. Allow this to cook for a further five minutes or until egg mix has hardened. There will still be a bit of liquid on top, this is ok.
  12. Now the questions everyone asks: how do you get the top of your omelette brown?
  13. Well, you just place the entire saucepan under a high grill for around 5 minutes, or until you are happy with the crispness of the toppings (we like the ham really crispy!)
  14. Cut in half and serve folded over with fresh avocado and tomato.
  15. Don't forget to season with some salt n pepper.
merrymaker tip
  1. Paleo omelette making is hard - we had to practice lots, as sometimes we would scramble the eggs, oops! Don't be disheartened if this happens, just try again the next day and the next and you will eventually get a knack for the good ole omelette.
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