Who said you can’t eat cake for breakfast?! Paleo Protein Mug Cake recipe.

We used to drink/eat a lot of protein powders, never really bothering to check the ingredient list…we assumed (one should never assume)…seeing as they are produced for people who are generally trying to get/be ‘healthy’ that the ingredients would be just this…healthy! WRONG! When we looked carefully at exactly what we had been consuming, we realised there was a lot of ‘ingredients’ that we couldn’t pronounce. Normally, when this happens at the super market we put the product right back where we found it (or hide it under the shelf to stop others from buying it…!) So that’s exactly what we did. We stopped consuming protein powder and thought that was that, no more protein powder for us!

We were gutted, protein powders were super convenient (our go to snack) and packed full of…well…protein! We just wish someone would make a completely clean + healthy + paleo friendly protein powder…

insert genie theme song (think Alladin)

BOOM! POW! Our friends from 180 nutrition were one step ahead of us and had already developed this dream like protein powder like two years ago (we were so behind the times). It is full of natural products like grass fed whey protein isolate (WPI), flaxseed, almond meal, sunflower kernels, coconut flour, chia seeds, sesame seeds and psyllium husks (we steer clear of the choccy flavour, as it contains cocoa- not cacao – we have the coconut flavour instead and it is really delish).

So our wish came true and what better to way to celebrate but with a cake!

And as the title suggests – who said you can’t eat cake for breakfast? (well, in actual fact, pretty sure our mum used to tell us that we couldn’t eat the left over birthday cake for breakfast…but we live in a total different era now…welcome to the world where cake for breakfast is totally NORMAL) – well this one YOU CAN (and it’s totally encouraged…in fact we have this for breakfast all the time!)

We know you have all been waiting for this recipe and there’s not much else to say about it, except that it rocks. It’s quick, easy, tastes delish and is made with a protein powder that has a list of ingredients we can pronounce (what more could you want for breakfast?!…unless it starts with a Ryan and ends with Gosling.)

Always merrymaking,

e + c


protein mug cake.
Serves 1
Prep Time
1 min
Cook Time
1 min
Total Time
2 min
Prep Time
1 min
Cook Time
1 min
Total Time
2 min
stuff you need
  1. 1 serve of protein powder
  2. 1 tbs. raw cacao powder
  3. 1 tbs. coconut oil
  4. 1 tsp. powdered stevia or preferred sweetener
  5. 1 tbs. cinnamon
  6. 1 egg
  7. 1 tbs. water
now what
  1. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Place the mixture into a mug or small bowl.
  3. Depending on your microwave it may take 1-2 minutes until a nice cake forms.
  4. Microwave for 1 minute, stir and check. Cooke for a further minute if required.
  5. Top your cake with raspberries and coconut or anything you please!
  1. You can cook in a 180°C (350°F) oven, it will take 7-10 minutes.
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  1. I’ve tried this protein, it is really yum!
    What is your opinion on the Sun Warrior; Warrior Blend protein powders?

  2. When you say one serve of protein powder, how many tablespoons is that? Just checking as im hoping to make this recipe this week! 😀

  3. Hi Amy, our serving of protein is one scoop (most proteins usually come with a little scooper). We just checked how many tablespoons our scooper it is and it is about three and a half to four 🙂 Let us know how you go!! We found that this recipe takes a few times to get perfect (due to microwave differences) but once you do, it becomes a diet staple! e & c

  4. Thanks for the reply! 🙂
    I’ve only tried the vanilla (it comes in choc, natural and vanilla) and it took a bit of getting used to the taste at first after I had been using other big brand vanilla whey protein powders, but I really like it now! It’s nice in smoothies and turns my oats or yoghurt into an almost cake batter consistancy (yum right!) so think it would take a bit of adjusting measurements to use in baking, which I haven’t attempted yet. Anyhoo, thought I’d ask what you thought of it in comparison to 180 protein powders in terms of being clean, healthy & paleo friendly protein powder by the ingredients list? I’m fairly sure it ticks the clean and healthy boxes but I don’t know much about paleo so thought I’d get your take on it. 🙂
    P.S. checked and the choc has cocoa rather than cacao too, boo 🙁

  5. Hi Paula, no worries at all – we LOVE comments! 180 nutrition definitely took a bit of getting used to too and we find that it works best when you cook with it (for us anyway) – great for our mug cakes, slices and cookies! Sun warrior sounds great. We just had a look at the ingredient list and the biggest difference is that sun warrior is rice based and 180 nutrition is made with ground nuts/seeds. As we follow a (mostly) paleo lifestyle, rice is a grain so we wouldn’t normally consume it. Other than that, the ingredients look pretty clean and healthy to us! Thanks for sharing! e & c

  6. Hi! I tried this out and it tasted rubbery, is there something i should add more or less of?
    Or should I be stirring it more often?

    Any suggestions would be great 🙂

  7. Hi Monica! It is a little hard to perfect (especially as everyone’s microwave is different!) Sounds to us that it may be a little overcooked. Our tip is when you think it is just undercooked do not cook for any longer, as it will continue to cook for a little while after. Let us know how it goes! e & c

  8. Hi ladies just wanna say this is amazing thank you! I have a sweet tooth and it certainly feels like eating cake for breakfast. For the readers’ reference I used Sun Warrior chocolate-flavoured protein and it was perfect. I also used half a cup of egg whites which if you buy them frozen from the bag it’s the equivalent of 4-5 whites. Keep up the amazing work with your healthy lifestyle X

  9. Hi Sarah, thanks for the feedback! We love having cake for breakfast 🙂 Good to know about the sun warrior protein powder! We have used frozen egg whites before – they come in handy, don’t they?! e & c

  10. Hey girls! Where do you buy your cacao powder and what brand is it? I live in Australia also, but the closest I can find (thus far) is cacao nibs from Thomas Dux!

  11. Hi Dana! Thanks for your comment 🙂 We just LOVE ‘Loving Earth raw cacao powder’. We actually purchase it online, the taste and quality is the best we have found yet! Hope this helps! e & c

  12. You can get Loving Earth Cacao powder (as well as many other yummy Loving Earth things!) at Go Vita Health Food Stores!

  13. Tried this today and……LOVED IT!!! I only had to pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds, which was a little long because it overcaked but will buzz it less next time. My little boys are going to love having cake for brekky 🙂

  14. Hi Jade! Oh we just LOVE to hear this! How fun is cake for breakfast?! We will need to come up with a few more easy mug cake recipes… maybe vanilla or sticky date?! e & c

  15. Sounds daft, but could this work in the oven? Believe it or not, I don’t have a microwave!!

  16. Hi again Miriam! We haven’t tried it but we think it would work fine in the oven! It would just take a lil longer! Perhaps try in a 180 degree celsius oven for 7-10 minutes 🙂 Too yum!

  17. Hi girls, this is a great recipe but lately I have been suffering from gastritis so I decided to omit the cacao and make a vanilla banana coconut version. Instead of the cacao and cinnamon I added a tbsp of coconut flour, a tsp of vanilla extract and a small mashed banana. Topped with low fat Greek yoghurt, some warmed blueberries and a tsp of maple syrup this tasted so yummy and was gentle on my crook tum !

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  19. Hi girls,

    I’m looking at your yummy recipe called ‘Paleo Protein Mug Cake recipe’ and I’m just wondering what kind of ‘Protein Power’ you use? I’m living in Canberra Australia. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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