Paleo Salted Choc Caramel Slice Recipe.

Are you drooling yet? Are you hooked? Or should we type it again? Yes, we said Paleo Salted Choc Caramel Slice! We should really just go straight into the recipe but we need to mention how completely delicious this slice is.

Like it’s seriously 100% completely drool worthy, we’re talking #getinmybelly goodness! 

This slice is a three layer salty, caramelly, chocolatey dessert and it’s going to rock your world! Before you all go and make this epic paleo sweet treat (THE paleo sweet treat to beat all other paleo sweet treats) we want to thank the amazing Daniel aka The Aussie Paleo Chef.

We were inspired by his caramel slice recipe and created our own merrymaker version! His food is all kinds of delicious, we are so lucky that he is bringing ‘Elemental’, Canberra’s first paleo restaurant to life! Opening mid February 2015! We will be dining here VERY often!

It makes the perfect post Yoga or Pilates treat. Let’s be real… salted caramel makes EVERYTHING better, including Yoga and Pilates! 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

PS. if you’re looking for a LOW FRUCTOSE salted caramel slice recipe… click here! 

Paleo Salted Choc Caramel Slice Recipe 2

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Paleo Salted Choc Caramel Slice
Serves 12
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
1 hr 15 min
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
1 hr 15 min
Stuff you need
For the base
  1. 1/2 cup walnuts
  2. 1/3 cup almond meal
  3. 3 tbs. coconut oil
  4. 2 tbs. raw cacao
  5. 1 tbs. 100% maple syrup
For the caramel filling
  1. 1 1/2 cups dates
  2. 1/2 cup coconut milk
  3. 1/2 cup coconut oil
  4. 1/2 tsp. Himalayan pink salt
For the choc topping
  1. 1/2 cup coconut oil
  2. 2 tbs. raw cacao
  3. 1 tbs. 100% maple syrup
  4. 1/2 tsp. pink Himalayan salt (optional)
Now what
  1. Line a 20 x 10 cm (8 x 4 inch) loaf tin with baking paper.
For the base
  1. Place all the base ingredients in to a food processor (we use our Vitamix). Whiz until well combined, it will be a little sticky and crumbly.
  2. Press this mix in to the prepared tin, ensure it is pressed evenly.
  3. Place the tin in to the freezer.
For the caramel filling
  1. Using the food processor (don't worry about washing it) place all the caramel filling ingredients and whiz until completely smooth (it will take around 5 minutes).
  2. Pour this delicious mixture over the top of the base and return to the freezer.
For the choc topping
  1. Using the food processor (again, don't worry about washing it) add the raw cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup, whiz until completely smooth.
  2. Pour the choc topping over the caramel filling, shake the tin slightly to even it out.
  3. Sprinkle with Himalayan pink salt if you like things extra salty.
  4. Return to the freezer for about 1 hour or until completely set.
  5. Once set, cut into slices and eat it all up! Ok maybe not all at once!
Merrymaker reminder
  1. This is a sweet treat! It's a TREAT! Very high in natural sugars! Not an everyday menu item. Our hot tip is to keep it in the freezer and only slice very small portions and let defrost when you want to eat. This will help you to not eat the whole slice (hehe)!
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  1. I just made these!!! They are in the freezer and I cannot WAIT to taste them!!!
    I have never worked with dates before.. So………. I kind of just dumped them all in the food processor without pitting them.

  2. Post

    Hi Rachael! Yay for choc caramel slice! Hmm! We’re guessing your dates may have already been pitted – otherwise you would have heard alot of noise! <3 <3 e + c

  3. I’ve run out of walnuts so Could I use cashews or hazelnuts?! I’ve got nuts up the wazoo but no walnuts left! Ha!

  4. Looks delicious! Going to attempt them today! Can you recommend anything else to use instead of the maple? Rice malt syrup?

  5. These are wicked! I’ve made heaps of pales caramel slices and this is the bomb, the caramel is too die for! How to stop at just four

  6. Oh dear gosh… this looks AMAZING. I am making this tomorrow!! I’m now officially in charge of bringing sweets and salads whenever I go to my sisters place and everyone has succumb to the fact that these will always be paleo!! BUT, they also love trying new things and realising how delicious paleo can be. I am super excited by this one – am going to use my new Thermomix to make it! YAY! And you know I’ll tag you in an instagram pic, of course 😉

  7. Now I’ve finished the Whole30 (yay, lost 4kgs!) I can start including the occasional sweet treat and this is on the menu to try tomorrow. I think I’ll be cutting it up into teeny tiny squares though as an after dinner treat to melt in the mouth.

    Isn’t Daniel awesome? He made some coconut cheese for me to try when mine didn’t turn out and it was … amazing! I’ll be a frequent visitor at Elemental too. Who said we weren’t lucky to live in Canberra? 😉

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  13. Post

    Hi Catherine, raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans. The process keeps the living enzymes in the cocoa and removes the fat, aka cacao butter. It actually has all the health benefits of chocolate unlike store bough chocolate! 🙂 You should be able to find it at you health food store or you can purchase it online 🙂

  14. Hi there, I’m making this now and I just have a question about the base’s consistency. I have measured everything accurately but it is still quite moist, not crumbly at all (i would pour it into the tin rather than press). We are in Byron and it’s hot so the coconut oil is very soft which may be the reason. Do I need to add more walnuts/ground almonds to make it more crumbly? Thanks!

  15. Post

    Hi Emily! It should be fine! Just pour it in, let it set until firm and then pour over the caramel filling 🙂 🙂 It will still be super duper tasty! <3

  16. Hi, I would love yo make these, but my daughter is allergic to nuts. What could I use instead of walnuts? (She is not allergic to almonds though)
    Cheers, Kristen

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  19. Help !!! I made these but the top part didn’t work. It is an off white colour but just tastes like coconut oil which my children do not like ?? How can I fix it ??

  20. Post
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  22. Is there a way to adapt to use a different ingredient than dates in the caramel? Im on low fodmap diet and dates are out atm. Thanks

  23. Post

    Hi Brenda! SUCH a good question! We’re working on this… because we’d LOVE to come up with a date free caramel slice! <3 Watch this space! x

  24. Hi! I just made this lovely slice and I started cutting it and the chocolate cracked badly, it was hard to cut squares out of it..

  25. Post

    Hi Courtney! The choccy must have been really set! Sometimes it’s best to cut it with a hot knife 🙂 We’ll add that as a tip! <3

  26. I have just made these and is in the freezer.. Cannot wait to try as I the caramel layer tasted amazing out of the food processor!! Yumm!

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  31. this is seriously THE best and i have to stop myself from making it because of course i just eat it! SO in love with this recipe! Plan on adding shredded coconut to the base next time – now there’s a good excuse to make it this weekend – haha. Thanks so much for sharing.

  32. Post

    Hi Jacqui! We are SO SO SO glad you the recipe! YAHOOOO! It’s a goodie! So much deliciousness in one slice! Xxx Thanks for your lovely comment!

  33. Hi! How long can I keep this in the fridge? I plan on making this a day ahead of a party. Thanks!!

  34. Post

    Hi Ada! We’ve kept it for a week in the fridge (that happened once, it’s usually gone before that!). It’s also great for freezing in to bit sized pieces and defrosting as required. But back to your question… a day ahead will be perfect! Enjoy!

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  37. OMG this is so good and so easy and did I say so good?! I was a bit sceptical on how good a paleo version of the sweet yummy classic could be, but it’s out-of-this-world amazing, thanks again for a superb recipe. Have my sights set on the lemon and blueberry cheesecake next 😉 Victoria x

  38. Post

    SO happy to see this Victoria! WOOHOO! It is pretty delish hehe… OH can’t wait to hear what you think of the blueberry/lemon cake! LOVE your work xx

  39. Looks delish! Can you give approximate dimensions of loaf pan and/or what thickness I should expect for bars? Thanks!

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  42. Hi just wondering what other alternatives to coconut oil there? Could I use coconut milk or cream?

  43. Post
  44. Hi — I’m very allergic to almonds. Can you suggest a substitute I can use instead of almond meal?

  45. I know this is a rely silly question but can you use dried dates or do they have to be fresh medjool dates? Thanks in advance!

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  49. I made this slice yesterday and it’s delicious! One tiny piece is certainly enough to satisfy a modified sweet tooth. I’ll keep it in the freezer. As I only had 3/4 cup of dates I had to halve the quantities of all the other ingredients too and my Optimum blender (which is supposed to be comparable to a Vitamix) just wouldn’t mix things properly, and there were large chunks of dates and walnuts, so I had to finish off the job in my Magic Bullet (still not very effective). Do you find that this happens if you have smaller quantities of hard ingredients such as dates? The tamper wouldn’t have reached down to them as there wasn’t a large quantity.

  50. Post

    YES! If there is not enough mix it is hard. You have to stop and get a spoon in the jug and scrape! Some what annoying! Some one needs to invent something to fix this! HEHE. We’ve heard good things about that blender, so next time with full ingredients it should be a little easier! We completely agree with you regarding the sweetness! Definitely a delicious treat!

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  53. Really looking forward to making this recipe soon. If you could clarify what size tin/tray to use. The recipe says to use a loaf tin. Should this in fact be a slice tray? Else, what should the overall dimensions of the tin/tray be for this recipe? Thanks in advance.

  54. Post
  55. Do you have to melt the coconut oil to start?

    Mine is solid at room temperature, should it be in liquid form?

    I’ll post results when i have made them

  56. Post

    Hi Dave! We don’t melt it as we find the friction from the blender is enough to mix it all together nicely! However, if your blender/processor isn’t strong enough you may need to melt! But as we said… we always do it when it’s solid and it works a treat :)! Look forward to your results! e + c

  57. woah you have a lot of comments on this recipe! Just made these – think I totally failed at the last layer – was not smooth and only realised after pouring it over the caramel and realising it was watery and there was chocolatey chunks still in my Vitamix – oops! Oh well, I will pay more attention next time. P.s. sampled the caramel layer as I was constructing it and Oh My Goodness! *drool*

  58. Ohhhh my goodness – even with my failed attempt at the top layer I think this could possibly be the best thing ever. I don’t think I’m going to be able to share even one piece :O

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  61. Hi there,

    my kids are severely allergic to nuts, any recommendation for substitute ingredients for the base?

    Thanks so much!

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  63. Hi ladies, I made my first raw slice and unfortunately it didn’t quite work out 🙁 The caramel layer hasn’t quite set. I poured the top layer after 20 mins, and after 2 hours in the freezer I went to cut a small slice and the caramel is still pretty soft. Was there something I missed? I guess I can’t really do anything about it now right? It’s super delicious, all three layers are so good but I’m just a little disappointed in this especially as it’s my first time. Help!

  64. Post

    Hi Rashmi! Oh no! That’s strange… did you put a little too much coconut milk in the filling?! It should be gooey… but not runny! 🙂 🙂 Next time, make sure you add the exact right amount of coconut oil/milk – as the oil allows it to set 🙂 🙂

  65. What could be used instead of the dates? Dried fruit and dates really don’t like me 🙁

  66. Post
  67. This may be a silly question – but do you use coconut milk from a tin, or from a carton? I can’t wait to make these!!

  68. Post
  69. Just had to say that I started making this and had an equipment malfunction. The result was that the base had a few more chunky bits of nut and I aborted completion. The silver lining was discovering how awesome it was to eat like a piece of chocolate, direct from the freezer. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  70. Post

    Hehe! Love this Jill! There is always a silver lining when it comes to failed paleo desserts! We refuse to chuck them out! We even made a dry cake the other day… simply whizzed the cooked cake with some nut butter and put it in the freezer! Not a good recipe for the site but definitely delicious!

  71. YUMMO!! I made these and was so happy with them. Very easy to make! Next time I will leave out the Cacoa in the base and half or remove the maple syrup because I found them SOOO sweet (which is what they are designed for!). That’s when I noticed the low fructose recipe which might suit me better :).

  72. Post
  73. Wow! I just made these and they are so yum. Just like real caramel chocolate slice, and very rich! I think next time I will add more salt to the top layer, and maybe even some chilli! What is the best way to store it? Should I leave it in the freezer or can it be stored in the fridge?

  74. I didn’t read this comment before making my batch, but I bought pitted dates in a packet next to the sultanas. I didn’t soak them and it turned out great. Should I have soaked them?

  75. Post
  76. Post

    YAY super glad you liked it! YUm, those ideas sound great! We store ours in the freezer, in an airtight container already cut up… great for portion control hehe. Otherwise in the fridge. 🙂

  77. Hello, I have made this recipe which was absolutely fabulous, however everyone complained how sweet it was, what can I add to the dates to make it less sweet please?

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  79. What is the trick to cutting the slice so perfectly? Mine ends up with cracks and caramel bursting out the sides.

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  83. Hi Girls, I have looked at your alternative recipe, and do not wish to use Ghee, what is the alternative, and also, I dont think you answered my question is there an alternative to not making it so sweet int he original recipe,


  84. Post

    Hey Bambi, we would still suggest using the low fructose recipe but swap the ghee to coconut oil and add 2 dates to the filling if required. We haven’t done this. We all have different tastes and preferences so we suggest testing it out to suit you.:) Good luck!

  85. I LOVE YOUR RECIPES!!!!!! ♥♥♥ I have a nutribullet blender and I know that it will have trouble blitzing the dates and the other ingredients down to the required consistency, is there and way to make the medjool dates softer ?? ¿¿ thankyou ????????

  86. Post

    Hi Francesca! Thank you for the lovely feedback 🙂 you can soak them in boiling water and they will soften up! 🙂 🙂 e + c

  87. Hi, this sounds so amazing! But before I try it I am wondering if you are supposed to eat it straight from the freezer or is that just so it can set? And after I take it out of the freezer do I keep it in the fridge? Thanks gals 🙂

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  93. Wow! I am so impressed with this recipe! Well done girls! I used Rice Milk instead of the coconut milk… as I thought it might all be a bit to Coconutty… he he… It’s in the freezer and I am counting the hour down before I can try it! I’m certain it will be fabulous… as I couldn’t help licking the spoon in between!

  94. Post
  95. I’m glad you asked – I was wondering the same .. thank you for asking & for the reply 🙂

  96. obsessed with your recipes guys!!! it truly is hard only have a small piece and stopping there….second time trying this one massive hit with the bf who isnt too.big.on sweets! yay tha.ks

  97. Post
  98. I never ever ever write reviews, but I feel compelled to. These were by far the most declines, rich, sweet, and yummy desserts I have ever eaten! The recipe is so straight forward, precise, and perfect. I followed it exactly and the results were on point. I would eat all of them if gaining 1000 lbs wasn’t an issue. So, for now, I will save them and savor them! Thank you for this recipe! The middle is my favorite part 🙂

  99. Post

    HEHEH YAY! Best comment everrrrr! We eventually had to ban this recipe from our house hahaha. It is SO YUM! But it’s perfect to whip up and keep bite sized portions in the freezer! YAY! Have an amazing day! xoxox

  100. Just made this up and popped in the fridge…. OMG danger zone… Not sure if it was a good idea making it… That salted caramel sauce! ????

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  103. For the raw cacao (as I’ve never bought it before) would you use the nibs or the powder? Thanks so much!

  104. Post
  105. OMGoodness!!!! I made this yesterday and the kids were hanging all over me cause I told them it was Salted Caramel Slice (which they LOVE) Here I was thinking there’s no way they’ll eat this one (secretly hoping) WELL, we all tried a piece for dessert and the results in 1 word AMAZBALLS!!! They loved it, I loved it and even hubby stole a piece 🙂 Absolute success!!! I’ll be making a weekly batch 🙂

  106. Post
  107. Not a fan of coconut oil as it gives me headaches. I’ve just found your blog and this recipe and I might give it a go using ghee instead. Thanks for the sweet treAt girls 🙂

  108. Post
  109. Made this last night and served for dessert for 8 people today……… yes, our slices were a little large, but only two of us couldn’t finish our serve lol.

    OMG so sweet! but still good…….though mine looked nothing like yours lol. I used carob powder as I don’t use cacao. I probably could have reduced my sweetener as carob powder is sweet…….

    My top layer was also a bit off. Pale and not chocolate looking at all. Thinking I probably should have heated the top layer to ensure it mixed together better……..there were some darker bits on top just not all the way through.

    also my layers weren’t as thick as yours as I didn’t have a small enough tin. Can you possibly post a photo of the tin you use? you are the second blog to use something way smaller and I cannot find the size you mention ANYWHERE.

    Thanks! everyone loved it.

  110. Post

    Hey Amy! Well glad everyone loved it! Can imagine it would have been SUPER sweet with carob! But yummmm! If you have a loaf tin, that will work well to get your layers thick! Otherwise… you could double the recipe 😛 😛 hehehe then freeze separate slices for later so you don’t eat ALL the caramel slice 😉 e + c

  111. Hi, just made this slice. Looks amazing. Do you know how long it will keep in the freezer for? Once set should it be kept in an airtight container?

  112. Post

    Hey Beth! YAY! Hope you LOVE it! Cut it up and freeze in an airtight container! Ours has kept for up to a month (if it will last that long… 😛 hehee… we seem to always go back for seconds :D)!

  113. Woohooo. . Just made these babies and are in the freezer as we speak! Soooo decadent and rich. . Definitely only a tiny piece will suffice ????
    Even the husband is impressed!

  114. Post
  115. Post

    About 16 serves 🙂 we don’t count calories at all… we’re all about just eating good food all the time. Of course, this is a treat still, so don’t eat the entire thing in one day 😉 hehe! We find that when we don’t count calories, we’re not stressed about food, and it’s a much more positive experience 🙂

  116. Have you had any luck on the date free slice? I really wanted to make this too but I’m lowfodmap and so came up with my own salted caramel filling for this base.. use a couple table spoons peanut butter, couple tablespoons tahini, then a little almond milk to get the smooth consistency, use brown rice syrup and seasalt to get the perfect flavor you are after. I think it tastes amaze!! and i put some grated dark choc on top!! yumo!

  117. Post
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  119. I just made this for the first time. I’m not sure whether to lay down before you in eternal gratitude, or curse you for the thighs to come. This is soooooo good, and I’m not sure I have the self control for tiny slices! Will have to take it to a public place and share it around so I can’t eat it all. So awesome, thank you.

  120. Post

    Hahaha! This is the best comment we’ve ever read, Elly! Thanks for sharing hehe! So happy you love it, and yes, grab a bunch of friends to share it with 😛 :O hehehe!

  121. Hi.. I just realised I have less coconut milk than I thought I did.. would this work with regular milk? or would it not be thick enough…

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  125. Hi ladies, I stumbled on your page via fb, and decided to give it a go.
    OMYGOODNESS!!!!!! (squeals from a fructose high)

    My 11year old and I made this together – all the kids found it a bit “coconutty” over powering but AMAZING all the same. our choc layer was incredible with flaked salt on top!


  126. Post

    Hehe thanks Kerrie! Perhaps you can swap some coconut oil to a nut butter in the filling?! 🙂 🙂 so glad you loved it though 🙂

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  129. This slice is incredible! So much so that I can’t make it for at least a couple of months because self control goes out the window!! It’s perfect! Thank you so much for all of the wonderfully tasty recipes! You’re site is definitely my go to for all things delicious and “healthy” 😉

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  132. Hi Emma and Carla, thank u so much for posting such an amazing recipe i have a family of 5 with 3 young boys i am trying to modify the whole families sweet tooth addiction. While i know this is still a treat its a good start to just get the processed sugar out of their diet. Question – they didnt like the base said it should be more biscuit as that is what they r used to. I thought i could take the low fructose version base using nuts (almonds and macadamias) and coconut and put it in a low oven like u do for a traditional caramel slice do u think it will work?

  133. Post
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  137. Mine are setting now… My caramel filling isn’t caramel colored like yours though rather it’s dark brown…

  138. Post
  139. Post
  140. Hi girls would you know the amount of carbs, fiber and protein for the whole slice?

  141. Post

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