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Paleo Superfood Date Balls Recipe.

Stuck for a snack idea? Why not try these super easy and super delicious paleo superfood date balls!

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e + c

paleo super food date balls.
Serves 16
Prep Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
stuff you need
  1. 1 cup pitted dates (soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes then drained)
  2. 2 tbs. raw cacao powder (super food #1)
  3. 2 tbs. chia seeds (super food #2)
  4. 2 tsp. cinnamon (super food # 3)
  5. 2 tbs. unsweetened shredded coconut (super food #4)
  6. 1/2 cup of raw pumpkin seeds
  7. 1/2 cup of raw sunflower kernels
  8. 1 tbs. unsweetened shredded coconut (to roll the balls in)
now what
  1. Food process the dates until they become a sticky paste.
  2. Add all other ingredients and food process until combined (the mixture may look a little crumbly - that's ok!)
  3. Roll the mixture into 16 small balls.
  4. Place the extra coconut into a small plate and roll each ball in the coconut.
  5. Refrigerate in an air tight container until it's snack time.
merrymaker tip
  1. Feel free to swap the pumpkin seeds and sunflower kernels to your favourite nut. We have tried almonds, cashews and brazil nuts, which are all equally delicious!
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  1. Hi e and c, just wanted to let you know that I am not often able to get hold of medjool dates but I can easily get dried Sayer’s dates. I just added a few more to the recipe as they are smaller and just soaked for a bit longer as they are drier 🙂 I have also tried using a teaspoon of natural honey if I am rushed and don’t have the time to soak for as long. Hope that helps

  2. Hi I want to make these today but got stumped on the first part… do I soak the dates in boiling water from the kettle… or in a pot of boiling water thats on the cooktop type thing? Thanks!

  3. I gave these a go and the mixture was very wet… not sure if my dates were too big maybe? Oh well will eat them up anyway!

  4. Hi Jackie, boil the water in a kettle then pour water over dates in a separate bowl and soak. One thing we forgot to mention is to drain the water! We will update the recipe now. Thanks e & c

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