Podcast Round Up!

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Podcast interviews are the perfect way to spread our merrymaker messages and reach new people all over world. They’re also super fun because we get to chat to AMAZING, inspiring, lovely people!

We’ve been interviewed on quite a few podcasts over the last 2 years and we thought… we should really keep track of these! Then we thought… well maybe you guys will want to listen too and put some voices to our writing!

Seriously how good are podcasts?! We love listening while walking. Exercise + inspiration, 2 birds, 1 stone! Winning! 

The Game Changer Society with the AMAZING Lane Kennedy

We met Lane at Tropical Think Tank and we knew we’d be instant best friends! She’s epic and we loved chatting to her about how to be a game changer!

Like peas in a pod, Emma and Carla thrive in following their purpose and bliss. Emma believes that you must do what makes your heart sing and what makes you happy, instead of doing what you should be doing because you think that is what you’re meant to be doing. Carla’s take on this is that whenever you are on your true path, you become a Game Changer because you’re so passionate about whatever it might be that you are doing that you can’t help but change the world with your actions. I added this with, “Game Changers go after Life, instead of Life go after us.”


Entrepreneur Uncut with Khierstyn Ross

We met Khierstyn through Dan Norris! We had been trying to do this podcast for like 8 weeks… and then the sound stuffed up so we had to do it again! But in the end… it turned in to the best interview we’ve done to date (today is 19 November 15!).

Today’s episode features entrepreneurs Emma and Carla Papas, ”The Merrymaker Sisters” who are also real life sisters. Khierstyn has invited them on the show today to inspire you with their delightful story. The two of them were working full time in jobs they hated when they first started blogging. After a while they began to think it was more risky to stay in their hated jobs for years than to step out and find their dreams by creating their own income. Sound familiar? You’ll be inspired by their journey and the steps they’ve taken to build those dreams into a reality. You’re going to enjoy this one.


Six Figure Side Gig with super nice guy Dr Mark Costes!

He’s a serial entrepreneur, author, international speaker and business coach. If you’re after a business podcast this is the one!

Emma and Carla share their journey and how their movement evolved in a few short years to a worldwide audience. It was just three short months of blogging and the sisters knew they could make a future from their passion and knowledge of healthy cooking. From producing and providing massive amounts of quality content from audience requests, to partnering with other brands to share and gain fan base, the sisters have made their blog and products known around the world. The Merrymaker Sisters have found their “recipe” for success and want to share it with you.


Comparison is the thief of joy

The Art of Epic Wellness with Nicole Keating. Oh how we love Nicole!

Three words when we think of her: energy, passion and FUN! Looking for healthy inspiration? Then check out the Art of Epic Wellness!

The Merrymaker Sisters talk about the Paleo Diet and the misconceptions about it, how they strive to inspire people to live healthy and happy lives.  They also hone in on what it means to follow your bliss. This interview is amazing, and I’m sure you too will feel energized after the show, as these sisters’ energy and excitement  is totally contagious! I bet you will be grinning from ear to ear by the end!


The merrymaker sisters-podcast3

The Marketing Lifestyle Show with Amy Schmittauer aka the sweet as YouTube girl aka Savvy, Sexy, Social!

Amy is like really funny. Like laugh out loud funny! We love her YouTube vids!

Another amazing brand that I met at Tropical Think Tank joins me for a podcast chat today: The Merrymaker Sisters. They talk about how they launched a healthy lifestyle brand to success with a killer Instagram presence.


the merrymaker sisters-podcast

Food as Medicine with Dr Anh

Dr Anh is the sweetest. We had so much fun talking about our journey: the Paleo Diet, Preparing for Success and Intuitive Eating.

You WILL be encouraged by listening to Emma and Carla.  Their fun-loving attitude about food and life is contagious, so don’t miss our conversation!


Your Brilliant Uncareer

We met Cas at the Tropical Think Tank event. Arh, we met so many people there! We talked all things bliss for greater health and happiness!

Every day is full of bliss, joy and merrymaking in Merrymaker Land. Yes, that’s a place! And you get to experience it too when you tune in to this week’s episode. The Merrymaker Sisters Emma and Carla Papas have hit the ground running on Your Brilliant Un-Career to blow your mind with their “making the leap” story. In this episode, Emma, Carla and I talk about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING … leaving a job you hate, weight, health, Paleo food, bodily functions, secret women’s business (you have been warned), working with family, how Merrymaker Land is going to rival Disneyland and more. This is a very candid discussion with lots of laughter and fun but some important life and business lessons. To add some sunshine and unicorns to your day, listen in.


Let us know what you reckon! And we hope you find a new favourite podcast to follow. Oh how we love podcasts! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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