Positively Primal: A Merry Make Over | Mark’s Daily Apple Success Story.

We are SO excited to share our entire story over on Mark’s Daily Apple (only the BEST Primal blog ever in the world!).

Flash back to 2012: we felt sick every day, counted calories religiously, felt guilty after eating any kind of food…we were fueled by low self-esteem and disorderly eating.

We’d both just completed a 12 week diet and exercise plan—not designed for health, but designed to lose weight. We reached our goal weights (aka stick thin) BUT along with our “perfect bodies” we were tired, moody, cold all the time and our periods completely stopped. Definitely not healthy and definitely not happy. Which was strange…because we’d always say, “When I weigh XX kilos…THEN I’ll be happy.”

Read the whole Merry Make Over story HERE!
Huge shout out to Mark and his entire team for having us!
Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla
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