Paleo super-food-date balls

Raw Paleo Nut and Seed Bites Recipe.

Who needs sugar or chemical sweeteners when you can sweeten foods naturally with things like apples, dates, honey, maple, coconut sugar!

It only takes one minute (maybe less) of browsing our blog to see that we love our sweet treats (especially our new super easy raw paleo nut and seed bites, just scroll down for the recipe!). We have been cooking and creating our (refined) sugar free sweet treats for a while now… and we seriously don’t understand why anyone uses the table sugar variety!

There are good and bad things about each and every natural sweetener, like that honey makes everything taste amazing…buuuuut…it still spikes our GI levels and that some fruits (like berries) are better for us than others (like bananas).  Now before you add honey and bananas to the ‘not so good for you’ list, we will say just one thing…any natural sweetener is better than the table sugar or chemical variety. Right?!


Why don’t you try these SUPER DOOPER easy raw paleo nut and seed balls, the perfect snack!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

raw paleo nut and seed bites.
Serves 10
Prep Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
Stuff you need
  1. 250 grams pitted dates, soaked in boiling water for around 15 minutes (minimum)
  2. 1 tbs. coconut oil
  3. 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  4. 1 cup chopped raw almonds
  5. 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds
  6. 1/2 cup of sunflower kernels
  7. 1/2 cup of shredded unsweetened coconut
  8. 1/2 cup of sesame seeds
  9. 2 tbs. raw cacao powder
now what
  1. Drain the soaked dates.
  2. In a food processor/blender whiz the dates, coconut oil and vanilla until a smooth paste forms.
  3. Transfer the mix into a large bowl and add the rest of the ingredients: almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, coconut, sesame seeds and raw cacao powder.
  4. Mix well - you may need to get your hands dirty for this one!
  5. Once combined, roll spoonfuls of mixture into balls.
  6. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.
  7. Store left overs in the fridge in an airtight container. These should last around 10 days (perfect for a week of snacks!)
merrymaker tip
  1. You really can put anything you like in these! Why not try dried cranberries and macadamias!? Yum!
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  1. I’ve completed step 1 & 2. My current favourite treat is your paleo choc brownie!!! I made it this weekend for a bbq and it was a total hit! Even my friends who dislike avocado and sweet potato, admitted that the brownies were sooo delicious 🙂 I managed to put one piece aside and the brownie was even better next day. Good work!!! Thanks for the recipe :))

  2. I’ve done both steps and am always recommending you to lots of people who are starting out paleo cos I love your stuff and its so delicious!!!!! Can’t wait for your e book!
    My fave sweet treat is the merrymaker bites DELICIOUS!!!

  3. Hi Heidi! Thanks for kicking off our giveaway! Good luck! We are so glad to hear that the brownies were a hit! e & c

  4. Hi Steph! Thanks so much for your entry and we really appreciate you spreading the merrymaker word! We love what we do (the best part is hearing that we have helped others!) Good luck! e & c p.s one of our fave sweet treats are our merrymaker bites too! If you love those, you will love these balls! They are similar! 🙂

  5. I did steps one and two ages ago and my fave sweet treat is your Choc-orange cake! It even passed the husband test so I knew I was on to something special! Thanks for giving me recipes the rest of my family enjoys – makes for easy healthy eating!!!

  6. So glad I came across your page through Instagram
    This has made my Monday!!!
    I have now subscribed and followed you on FB and looking forward I trying your recipes
    Thank you for the motivation and new ideas

  7. I’ve completed steps one and two and love your work as always! My favourite sweet treat at the moment is a healthy, high protein mousse made from 100g cottage cheese, 1tbsp cacao and 1tbsp (or to taste) sweetener. It’s a great healthy dessert which tastes surprisingly good!

  8. Completed steps 1 and 2! Hope you girls win the big prize for yourselves – always coming up with great recipes and ideas keep it up! It’s inspiring! X

  9. Oh and my fave sweet treat is banana raspberry cupcakes that I created – anything fruit based is a winner!!

  10. Wow those balls look delicious!
    Super keen for that competition, have done 1 & 2, and for 3, I love making a sweet-potato pie (like the american pumpkin pie) using a natural sugarless sweetener. Yumm!!

  11. I have completed steps 1&2 and my favourite sweet treat at the moment is frozen mango and blueberries blended together with water and natvia! Yummmm

  12. I did all the steps! Love you guys and my favorite sweet treat is Greek yougurt with oats! 🙂

  13. Hi!! I LOVE your blog! You ladies are definite inspirations to me 🙂

    I’ve completed steps 1 & 2. My favourite sweet treat would definitely have to be your amazing paleo chocolate brownies!! Ahhhmazing!

    Keep up the great work 🙂 x

  14. Hi Anouska! Thanks for your entry and good luck! We are so glad to hear that you love our choc-orange no bake! That one is a crowd pleaser right?! 🙂 e & c

  15. Hey Tim! Great to hear from you again and thanks for your entry! Your healthy sweet treat sounds AMAZING! We might have to give it a try! YUMMO! e & c

  16. Hi Ali! Aw you are too sweet 😉 We do love getting our bake on! Those cupcakes sound DELISH! Anything with banana + raspberry is a sure winner! Thanks for your entry and good luck! e & c

  17. Hi Andrew! It’s a good comp right?! That pie sounds delish! You might need to share the recipe with us so we can try it out! NOM NOM! Thanks for your entry and good luck! e & c

  18. Hi Sally! Thanks for your entry and good luck! Your sweet treat fave sounds delish – like a summer sorbet! Yummo! e & c

  19. Hi Alyssa, thank you so much – we are super glad to hear we can inspire others! Our brownies are probably at the top of our healthy treat favourite list and we are so happy that you love them too! Thanks for your entry and good luck! e & c

  20. Wahooo! Perfect timing on this recipe girls!! I’m planning my oxfam hike menu this Friday with my crew and these are totes going on the list yay I can’t wait to make them… Maybe Ill take some on Friday to show the crew as well 🙂 nom nom nom thanks heaps!!!!

  21. Oh yeah and I forgot the important stuff! I looooove cake so my fave healthy treat (well almost healthy hehe) is refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free banana and cranberry muffins- it’s healthier than normal muffins but sometimes I get carried away with the cranberries… And sometimes (ok every time) I end up nibbling away at the rest of the cranberries tehehehe

  22. Hi! I have recently discovered your blog and your recipes are fast becoming a hit in my household! I have completed steps 1 & 2, and I recently have been lucky enough to have a piece of organic raw cacao and raspberry ‘cheesecake’ – hands down my favourite sweet treat!

    Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant knowledge,
    Hannah x

  23. I am subscribed and I like you on FB and just recommended your blog to my pt. I like the choc orange cake of yours and am going to make it for my birthday.

  24. I am subscribed and I like you on FB and just recommended your blog to my pt. I like the choc orange cake of yours and am going to make it for my birthday.

  25. Hi Ladies,

    I love your blog and recipes, they are so simple to make 🙂 I made your Chocolate birthday cake on the weekend but added a twist, I added an Oreo cheesecake in the middle were I switched the sugar and used NATIVA…Love that stuff 🙂 it was half naughty but you still got to live a little 🙂

    Quick question though this weekend I plan to make your sticky date pudding however a family member can not have nuts so could I switch almond meal with sunflower seed meal???

    Oh and your Granola is so yummy too…it was breakfast today! Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes!!

    Leah x

  26. Did all of the above steps!!! I’m dying to try this recipe, my favorite sweet has to be either plain ol dates, or banana “ice cream”!

  27. Ive completed both steps 1 and 2. my favourite healthy sweet treat is frozen fresh dates!

  28. Have completed steps 1 & 2 and now 3. My favourite snack is Medjool Dates. I love to soften about 12 dates in hot water, then blitz them and roll in coconut. Just yummo and so, so easy!

  29. I have liked your facebook page & am a subscriber to your website. I love getting your emails with yummy paleo foods. Keep up the good work 🙂
    My favourite healthy sweet treat is a cup of Vitarium Sugar Free Chocolate Drinking Chocolate. I would love to win this prize to try the No Sugar Latte Coffee!
    Thanks again girls x

  30. Hey Flick! We are so excited for you to take part in the oxfam walk! We will make sure to keep up to date via all of your facebook posts! GO TEAM GO! These will be the perfect hiking snack! Cranberry + banana muffins sound TOO delicious…and we know what you mean, sometimes we leave mixture in the bowl…just because! e & c

  31. Hi Hannah! That’s great to hear! Thanks for following along and good luck! That ‘no bake cake’ sounds absolutely AMAZING! There will be plenty more recipes coming your way! e & c

  32. Hi Mary! Thanks for your entry and for sharing our page! Good luck! Our choc-orange no bake is definitely one of our favourites too and we are so glad you like it! e & c

  33. Hi Leah! Thank you so much 🙂 WOW! That twist on the birthday cake sounds absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS! Next time you make it you will have to post a photo to our facebook page so we can see it!

    With the sticky date pudding we are yet to try it without almond meal but we DEFINITELY think sunflower seed meal will work perfectly! Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

    Oh AND our granola…that’s dangerous stuff – we can’t help but go back for seconds (or thirds!) Thanks for your entry and good luck! e & c

  34. Thanks for your entry Skye! Do you have a favourite healthy treat?! What about those lemon almond bites you make?! e & c

  35. Hi Shelby! Thanks for your entry…GOOD LUCK! How delish are dates?! And we say YUM to nana ice cream! (a blended frozen banana…seriously easy and amazing!) e & c

  36. Hi Margaret! Thanks for your entry and good luck! Seems that dates are on top of the healthy sweet snack list for lots of people! Your coconut creation sounds delish! e & c

  37. Hi Lisa-Jayne! Thank you so much for following along, we are so glad that you enjoy our posts 🙂 Plenty more coming your way!

    We have tried the drinking chocolate too – we even mixed it with some greek yoghurt for a chocolatey treat! Thanks for your entry and good luck! e & c

  38. Have completed steps 1 and 2 🙂 My favourite healthy treat are Anzac biscults 🙂

  39. Hi Ladies! Just letting you know I have completed steps 1 & 2 of your competition, and also voted for your awesome chocolate brownie recipe which I can’t wait to test out myself. It is great to see like minded people share a passion for healthy food and I absolutely love that I have come across your page and website! I made your raw paleo and nut balls this morning, and living with two boy personal trainers, we were all in heaven and they have almost demolished the lot! Having the girls over for dinner on Friday night and am looking forward to testing out your paleo sticky date pudding recipe (as it’s all of our favourite dessert!) Keep up the great work girls and thanks for sharing your delicious recipes that I know are going to be great for my waistline! 🙂 xx

  40. Oh also forgot to mention my favourite sweet treat to make which is either blueberry and vanilla muffins or chocolate mug cakes. So simple, quick and guilt free and satisfies those sweet cravings without having all the added calories that ruins your hard work in the gym. Also LOVE protein pancakes in an assortment of flavours. Protein pancakes are great because you can make different flavours, add different fruits and change it up all the time using whatever you have around the kitchen! My favourite, vanilla coconut pancakes with mixed berry compot. YUM! x

  41. Hi Ladies!
    I have completed steps 1 & 2 🙂
    My favourite sweet treat is Paleo Super-Food-Date Balls! I make them almost every weekend, take 1 batch into work, 1 batch to give to my family and 1 batch for home! Such a yummy treat 🙂

  42. Just found your blog & love it! Have subscribed and liked on facebook. My favourite recipe so far is this nut and seed balls. Can’t wait to make as they will be the best afternoon ‘smoko’ treat & Im sure my work will appreciate them 😉

  43. I have completed steps 1 and 2, I haven’t had a chance to make any of your yummy looking recipes yet but I am very excited to. I stumbled across your facebook page through Ashy Bines. I am glad that I did 🙂

  44. Hi Kristy! Thank you so much for your comment and entry. We are super glad that the nut + seed balls were a hit! They really are delicious and so so so easy! Let us know how the sticky date pudding goes, post a photo to our Facebook page as we would LOVE to see it! Your favourite sweet treats all sound AMAZING and we feel the exact same way about paleo pancakes – we made pear + pumpkin ones the other day…DROOL! Thanks so much for following along and we will have plenty more recipes coming your way! Good luck for the giveaway! e & c

  45. Hi Crystal! Thanks for your entry and good luck! We are so glad to hear that you love the super food balls! They are one of our favourites too! 🙂 e & c

  46. Hi Sarah, we are so glad you found us! Thanks for your entry and good luck! Let us know how they go! We hope they are a hit! e & c

  47. Thanks for your entry Melissa and good luck! We are so glad that you found us 🙂 if you ever make some of our recipes be sure to let us know how they go! e & c

  48. Steps 1 and 2 completed! The competition incentive really wasn’t necessary (although it would be awesome) – this blog deserved to be liked on its own merit! So great!

    My favorite sweet treat is something that tastes delicious and feels naughty….but its not!
    For me, this definitely has to be a wedge of homemade, raw, ‘chocolate cheezecake’. Its an absolutely spectacular mix of a creamy chocolate-cashew center, with a crumbly nut base. Sometimes, when I’m feeling indulgent, I add a layer of date salted caramel.

    It pairs perfectly with a Natvia hot chocolate for an extra chocolate boost! 🙂

  49. You girls are doing such an amazing job. First found on instagram i now follow your blog, and cant wait for the new recipes!!! I LOVE that your from Canberra, as there often arent many that you find 🙂 I have followed all steps to enter the comp, and would have to say my favourite sweet treat is a choc mug cake. Keep up the fantastic work girls.

  50. Ive completed steps 1 and 2 and look forward to more amazing recipes!!
    My fave sweet treats are choc nut butter cups (natvia, cacao, coconut butter, almond butter) or gluten free blueberry muffins with natvia. i found you via the natvia page! yay!

  51. Hi Eliza, thank you so much for following along! We are so glad you love our blog (we love it too! hehe) Mmm we absolutely LOVE raw cakes and that just sounds way too delicious! Good luck for the giveaway! e & c

  52. Hi Amy, thanks so much! We are super glad you have found us on here! How great are choc mug cakes?! Easy, delish and healthy! <3 a win win win situation! Good luck for the giveaway! e & c

  53. Hi Carmen, thanks for entering and good luck! We are super glad you found us 🙂 Choc nut butter cups…mmm we love the sound of that! e & c

  54. I’ve liked and subscribed…. And glad I did. I stumbled across your blog and its just my kinda thing! My fave treat has to be banana ice cream, the healthy yummy kind you make by blending bananas…. Only I like to add a bit of peanut butter or some choc bits. Mmmm

  55. Hi Sue, thanks for your entry and GOOD LUCK! We are super glad you found us too 🙂 That healthy sweet treat sounds absolutely amaaaaazing…think we might need to try that out! e & c

  56. Hi Emily! Thanks for your entry 🙂 we are super glad you found us too! Frozen strawberries = delish 🙂 e & c

  57. Hi Nathalie! Thanks for your entry and GOOD LUCK! Oh we LOVE choccy brownies – our paleo version of course 😉 e & c

  58. Thanks!! I’m fairly new to paleo cooking, so I’m still trying to figure out what products and recipes are best to use! It can be very confusing haha

  59. Definitely! It’s al about trial and error 🙂 The hardest part is starting! It can only get easier 🙂 Keep it up! e & c

  60. Already a FB fan, now subscribed.
    Fav sweet treat is paleo pancakes…
    1 banana, 1 egg, 1tbsp homemade almond butter mashed together and cooked, makes 2 big ones. Sandwich them together with blueberries, cacao nibs and coconut cream and die a happy person, lol 🙂

  61. Count me in, please! 🙂 I have been saving a bunch of your recipes but have not really managed to try them yet – I hope to change that soon! As for healthy sweet treats, I’ve made a few versions of chocolate green smoothies, which work well as breakfast or dessert – yum!

  62. Hi Ashlee! Thanks so much for your entry and good luck! We love a choccy green smoothie! Let us know how you go with the recipes 🙂 e & c

  63. Hi Jamie! we <3 paleo pancakes! Have them for brekky, lunch or dinner! They are the perfect healthy treat! Your recipe sounds just delish! Thanks for your entry and good luck! e & c

  64. Hi girls,

    I have completed steps 1 and 2. My favourite healthy sweet treat would have to be your paleo chocolate brownies (can’t go wrong) – they are a hit with my work mates at arvo tea time and with the family at home!

  65. Hi Erin! Thanks for your entry and good luck! It seems those brownies are a hit with everyone! So glad you and your friends/family like them! e & c

  66. Completed steps 1 & 2, and FAV treat, is any of your recipes that I can experiment and roll into a ball, the kids just think that they are being so naughty!!!!! and mum too.

  67. Hi Girls
    I have completed steps 1&2. On saturday made Raw paleo nut + seed balls, I used canberrys and a few prunes for a family dinner everyone loved them yummy. Thanks for these great recipes not sure what to make next so many choices enie minie moe.

    Karen : )

  68. Hi Karen! Thanks for your entry and good luck! We are so glad you and your family loved the paleo nut + seed balls! We just love how quick, easy and delish they are! e & c

  69. Hi Denise! Thanks for your entry and good luck! 🙂 That sounds great! You really can put anything with dates and they turn out delish! 🙂 e & c

  70. Hi Stephanie! We just sent you an email as you are the lucky winner! CONGRATS! We are SO excited for you! e & c

  71. Hi, had a yummy seed ball yesterday from a cafe so searching for recipe, yours looks yum and similar flavours except the cacao. Could you just leave that out? I’ve never uses cacao so unsure of its purpose or taste? Have all other ingredients in pantry! 🙂 thanks 🙂

  72. Hi Kate! You sure can leave out the raw cacao powder… BUT just so you know, the purpose for raw cacao is to make them CHOCOLATEY :O :O :O! So you might want to go grab some for your next batch 😉 tehehhe Hope to hear more from you on the blog! e + c

  73. Hello 🙂

    Just found this recipe to share but noticed the Natvia/honey ingredient was missing from the ingredient list. Hoping you could point how how much is required?

    Thanks 🙂

  74. Post

    Hi Adrianna! Thanks for letting us know! Our tastes have changed so much since this recipe! So now we would actually suggest that you don’t even use the sweetener!If you like it sweeter you could use about 1/2 tsp natvia or 2 tsp honey. Let us know how you go! 🙂

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