These Shoes Were Made For Walking | Reebok Skyscapes.

We’re going to get straight to the point. We are officially in love with our Reebok Skyscapes. We’ve been testing them out for the past month, wearing them pretty much all over Australia (ok, well Canberra and Sydney), walking endlessly in them and taking cute photos of them (as you do… well, when you’re a merrymaker, it’s definitely as you do). Carla even wore them climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

reebok skyscapes 7

So, why do we love our Reebok Skyscapes so much? Number one reason is that we kinda sorta (did) used to wear our runners EVERYWHERE. As in, we’d not just wear them to the gym/while we were working out, we’d wear them out to lunch/dinner, doing the shopping, to the markets, to baby showers, you get the picture… where Merrymakers went, so did our runners. And this is totally a-ok, we still do this. But we couldn’t wear cute dresses with our runners, we had to live in our workout clothes. Have you ever tried to do the whole dress/skirt and runner look? We’re not fans. Dresses + runners look funny. Fact.

But when we got our Skyscapes boy did things change. Now, we wear our Skyscapes everywhere and we don’t need to be in work out clothes for them to look good. We’ve been wearing them with dresses! Yes! Dresses!

Number two reason – they’re ridiculously comfy. Like if you wondered what walking on clouds felt like, we’re pretty sure it would be similar to wearing skyscapes. They’re made of 80% foam, so this is the reason why they’re cushiony soft! They look even better next to our Salted Caramel Cake!

reebok skyscpaes 3

Number three reason – they’re bloody cute. Our first pair were black which we loved and THEN we found colours and patterns… puh-lease move over black skyscapes!

reebok skyscapes

Number four reason – they’re ridiculously light… the perfect travel shoe! We travel lots so being able to pack walking shoes that don’t take up too much space and weigh next to nothing is a super big plus.

reebok skyscapes 6

Number five reason – street to gym? Covered!

reebok skyscapes2

Number six reason – we can already picture our Skyscapes all over New York City! We’re going to the US for 3 months this year and our Skyscapes are making us even more excited to go on walking adventures. #merrymakersdoNYCagain

Number seven reason – the lovely team at Reebok are giving ALL our Merrymaker friends (yes, you!) a 10% discount on Skyscapes… YAY! Just visit the Reebok shop HERE and use PROMO CODE: MERRYMAKERSISTERS – you’ll need to sign up as a Reebok customer so you can claim the discount!

Hooray! So much love for our Skyscapes! These shoes were made for merrymaker walking!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Promo code terms and conditions:
MERRYMAKERSISTERS is a one time use promo code limited to 1 per person. The code expires on 16 February 2015. You must be a registered Reebok user and logged in for the promo code to work. No further discounts apply. Thanks to Reebok for supporting The Merrymaker Sisters and for providing this amazing discount code! More on our policy here!

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