Are you self-sabotaging your health and fitness goals?

Have you ever worked towards a health and fitness goal… only to find yourself ‘failing’ 3 days after the start day? 

Maybe it’s a week, or a month or maybe you don’t quite make it to Day 1?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. 

And this happens for many reasons!

Sometimes it makes sense that you can’t put more energy into your health and fitness goals… maybe there is a family emergency, maybe you have an injury and it’s actually in your best interest to slow down.

But many other times you know deep down it’s self-sabotage. It’s an excuse, it’s a block. It’s YOU standing in the way of YOUR health goals. 

It’s when you accidentally… unintentionally set yourself up to fail. And yes, of course, we’ve done this! 

Everything we speak about comes from a place of experience.

Through our ‘failings’ what we’ve found to be true is for the success of any goal… it begins with awareness. Awareness of the self-sabotaging blocks, habits and excuses that keep stopping you from succeeding.

Then it’s just a matter of taking one step forward.

The blocks and excuses we’ve used in the past. 

    • Don’t have the right leggings.
    • Schedule of in-studio classes just doesn’t work.
    • Classes are too long.
    • The gym is 25 minutes there and 25 minutes back, it takes too long.
    • Traffic and parking is a nightmare.
    • I’m not flexible enough to do Yoga, or thin enough, or fit enough. 

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

We realised we simply had to reduce the friction. Remove the excuses. Remove the blocks. 

So we started working out at home, we found closer gyms and studios. We changed the type of exercise we did (from super-intense cardio and weights to Yoga and Pilates), we realised it was ok to exercise for 20 minutes if that’s all we had. We also realised it was still effective (duh)!  

Once we reduced friction, the excuses and blocks disappeared. This created a loving relationship with exercise and health goals.

And this is why we created MerryBody. Our Online Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Studio designed to help you create a consistent exercise practise and finally feel at home in your body. LEARN MORE about MerryBody here!

We thought of all the excuses we had ever made and simply removed them. We’re continually evolving the Studio from member feedback, with the goal to reduce friction, excuses and blocks. To make it easier and more enjoyable to move and work towards your health and fitness goals! 

This is what we think about our past excuses now…

EXCUSE: Don’t have the right leggings.

Workout at home… it does not matter what you wear! Yes, you can wear your favourite leggings with holes in them, YES you can roll out of bed and wear your PJs (many of our members do this!).

EXCUSE: Time schedule of in-studio classes just doesn’t work and takes too long to get there.

Every week we add a brand new class to the Library of Yoga, Pilates and Fusions classes. Classes you can access anytime, anywhere. You schedule the class when it fits into your life. Fit it around YOUR schedule not someone elses. 

There is no travel time, no parking required! Roll out the mat (or find some floor) wherever you are and BOOM!  

EXCUSE: Classes are too long.

We get it! We used to think it was an hour or more or nothing. Now we find pockets of time to workout… whenever we want, wherever we are. From MerryBody Member feedback, we’ve created a huge variety of classes from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in time. Perfect for when you have minimal time AND perfect to stack classes for a longer workout. 

EXCUSE: I’m not flexible enough to do Yoga, thin enough or fit enough, just not good enough. 

This was our excuse for a long time! BUT then we realised this is why you do Yoga to become more flexible. To create positive change!

Feeling not fit or thin enough is actually fear of judgement from others. It’s False Evidence Appearing Real, it’s not true unless you decide it’s true (and it’s definitely NOT true)! But we get it, it’s still a major block to health goals.

This is why MerryBody is an at-home workout but the difference is that it’s movement driven by joy, love, respect and acceptance. 

If you’re worried about being around other ‘more experienced’ sweaty strangers, no one is around you to make you feel judged.

Yet, we are ALWAYS available to ask questions on technique and movements. And yes it’s us personally writing back to every member. You feel part of something bigger when you’re a MerryBody Member.

MerryBody classes are perfect for all levels of fitness and abilities. Whether you’re starting out or you’ve practised before we’ll give options to ensure your workout is safe, fun and transformative! 

So… now that we’ve busted all your excuses… what are you waiting for?! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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