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We love chatting with our MerryBody Members and finding out how MerryBody has impacted their lives. This week it’s all about amazing Serena from Brisbane!

“Before MerryBody I went through a phase, where I was trying a lot of different things. I went to the gym, and at first that was okay, but then gym culture is not really for me, and I struggled with that a lot. So I started to get really into cardio because I thought that you know, that will be the solution to lose weight, like, really quickly.”

Similar to many of our Members, Serena had a toxic relationship with exercise. She only used exercise as a way to lose weight and get smaller. 

“It got a little bit toxic, I was doing like 3 hours of cardio a day. Then I’d start to get really exhausted… I thought if it doesn’t hurt, if it’s not painful, then, you know, you’re not doing it right, or, you’re not doing a good job. And I realised, you know, I am not doing the right thing here like, I need to try a different way.”

Serena tried heaps of Apps, programs and eBooks but never really found one that she was consistent with.

“I tried a lot of different online programs that you can buy. Like Ebooks, YouTube videos, and nothing really motivated me.”

Serena then found reformer Pilates, which she actually loved but there was one problem with it…

“And then, I did reformer pilates which I really loved, but it was very expensive.” 

We hear you Serena, $30-40 for a casual class is near impossible for most people to be able to afford. 

It wasn’t until Serena found MerryBody…


We asked Serena how she felt just before joining MerryBody, did you have any doubts about the App?

“Then I found MerryBody. I was apprehensive to start… because you know, I have had some negative experiences with other programs, like a lot of the online programs that I tried, I would start and then just not feel motivated.”

However… when Serena joined MerryBody she was happily surprised to realise that MerryBody is unlike any other fitness program she had done before. She noticed the care, time and effort that is put into the community and the classes. It was like a real life studio… but online!

“I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like. So I was like I am going to give this a go, and just wing it and see how it goes. And WOW… so I love MerryBody so much, I think the community is really positive. I feel like I really want to do it every day.”

MerryBody is a big change to the usual style of exercise Serena was used to. Usually, Serena’s workouts felt like a chore, like punishment, and she would feel really bad for skipping a day. But now, she feels like exercise is something special she gets to do for her body and her mind. 

“I  think I am at this point where I don’t feel like I am working out, I feel like I am really doing something special for me.”

One of the positive changes we get so excited to hear about is when Members feel a shift in their mindset.

“I’ve actually noticed like really significant changes in my mental well being, and my physical well being, I am just feeling like a lot more positive, and a lot more sprightly.”

The benefits experienced from Yoga, Pilates and Meditation really are life-changing. If you’ve never tried a class before we’d recommend you download the MerryBody App and activate a Free 7 Day trial, to see how these classes make a change to your life. 

MerryBody really is the ‘me time’ you’ve been looking for… or perhaps the “me time” you didn’t know you needed. Serena puts it perfectly:

“It really feels like it’s a gift to yourself, not like putting yourself through a strenuous exercise, and I think it’s kind of finally broken that idea that if you’re not killing yourself, then you’re not working out.”

One of the things our Members always say is that although the classes are online, they feel like we are with them in the room. 

“I think all of the messages in it, and the way that you guys teach, it’s like you’re working out with like your friends. This sense of like you’re my gym buddies, and we’re in it together.” 

Hear more from Serena here: 

If you still have more questions about whether MerryBody is for you, feel free to reach out, we’d love to help. Otherwise, if you’d like to try a class, this Fusion of Yoga and Pilates might be the perfect class for you! It’s free and we think you’ll love it.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla


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