Shiva is everywhere… wake up!


If you’re following us on the socials, you’d know that I’ve started my Yoga Teacher Training at our second home, Essence of Living. SERIOUSLY… I am learning so much and loving every second. I’ve never wanted to actually STAY in the ‘classroom’. Normally I’m checking my watch for the next coffee break. But this? I’m like GIVE ME MORE! The course runs for 10 weeks and I attend training Saturday and Sunday, 6.30am-4pm each day. Over the next 10 weeks, I’m going to share my favourite learnings and progress with you… send me luck, YAY! 

Last weekend we had the amazing, epic Andrew Mournehis take us through the physiology of yoga, chakras, the Bhagavad Gita and the history of yoga. My favourite learning was ‘Shiva is everywhere… WAKE UP!’ Here’s my take on it…

Shiva is everywhere… wake up.

Shiva is everywhere… wake up.

Shiva is everywhere… wake up.

Shiva is pure consciousness, pure awareness, pure love. It is eternal, formless, limitless and vast. 

Shiva is everywhere. We are the Shakti, expressing Shiva. Expressing the one truth. The trees are Shakti expressing the same truth. The waves. The flames. Everything.

When we can come back to this knowing, that we are all one, one with each other and one with Mother Earth, we begin to realise that we can never be alone and we are always being guided toward our true calling, or divine, or bliss, or passion (whatever you’d like to call it!).

That we are here to serve and to serve with our own greatest love possible. 

Om Namah Shivayah is a mantra that means ‘I honour the deepest truth.’ The deepest truth is that Shiva is everywhere… wake up! 

This mantra is around 8000 years old and has been chanted a bazillion times (close to anyway). The word mantra can be broken down into man = manas and tra = instruments/tools. 

Manas, meaning the monkey mind. The mind that chitter chatters. That questions. That argues with our truth.

Mantras have the power to quieten the monkey mind (manas mind) and help us on our path to a Buddhi mind, an awakened mind. The Buddhi mind watches the monkey mind with curiosity, it is intuitive, it doesn’t need facts or figures. It questions. It is less reactive and more responsive. It is wise and wants to understand. 

Next time you catch yourself in a state of un-knowing or stress, know that this is just your monkey mind, use a mantra and move into the Buddhi mind. 

Om Namah Shivayah is the perfect mantra to help you do this. You already know what you think you don’t. You already know that the stress isn’t serving you. Om Namah Shivayah, or ‘I honour the deepest truth’ will help guide you toward your pure, adorable self that’s already inside of you. 

Always merrymaking,


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