Shop Local, Eat Seasonally With SupaBarn!

This past week we’ve been talking all about shopping local. Supporting local businesses create happy, healthy, thriving communities. Here at Merrymaker HQ we’re all about making your health and happiness journey a seamless and enjoyable one. Our mission is to have you visit our blog (read, watch, drool) and leave feeling like you can take the next step in your own journey.

Our 3 rules for our healthy recipes are that they need to be quick, easy and delish.

Part of the quick and easy rules is having access to good quality, local, delicious produce. We’re the first to admit that sometimes we can’t make it to the markets. Sometimes life is busy, sometimes you forget the coriander, sometimes you need it on a Monday and sometimes you just want to sleep in on the weekends!

We need a grocer that’s easily accessible any time of the week with produce we know and trust. So where do we shop to make sure we’re still purchasing local, quality, seasonal produce, without costing an arm and a leg? 

Well, that’s where we welcome SupaBarn! We’re really excited to let you know that we’ll be collaborating with them monthly to bring you special seasonal recipes and share some stories of how the produce is getting from the farm and to your plate!

We’d love to give you a little background about SupaBarn’s philosophy just so you can see the amazing SupaMerry synergy! But first, check out this flick!

Supabarn is an independent supermarket chain focussed on quality, price and service. We endeavour to buy for our customers the freshest produce, meats and deli products at exceptional prices. We try and buy locally wherever possible and constantly try to reduce the time it takes to get the product to our stores and ultimately to our customers. We do business with many small and local producers of both fresh and grocery products unavailable to the major chains, whilst always maintaining the wide range of major brands at competitive prices. Theo, CEO Supabarn.

This is why we love SupaBarn, this is why we’re collaborating! Yay!

The produce we’re buying is the freshest we can get, it’s local, it’s accessible, it’s affordable, they have a killer health food aisle (seriously, we could spend hours there) AND they have some organic options! SupaBarn consistently have amazing sales too which we’ll be making sure to let you know about (like this weekend (29-30 November 2014) their salmon is on sale for $20 a kilo… that’s kinda amazing!). So if you’re in the Canberra, local surrounds or Sydney areas you’ll be able to access these amazing sales!

So YAY for the SupaMerry collaboration and to celebrate, we’re bring you 2 brand new recipes just in time for the summer season! Our Paleo Macadamia and Coconut Crusted Salmon which goes perfectly with our Roast Pumpkin, Zucchini, Chill Quinoa Salad!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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