Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches: On-The-Go Health and Saving The World.

Ever tried drinking a home made smoothie while driving? WE HAVE! And seriously, we don’t recommend it… that was until we found Sinchies. Cute name, huh?! We had a heap of fun reviewing Sinchies reusable food pouches!

Sinchies are reusable food pouches originally designed for homemade food for young kids. But stop the press because we’ve now found the perfect way to enjoy on-the-go smoothies (and other liquid-y meals!).

Sinchies are the perfect healthy addition to a busy, full on life. It’s as simple as whiz, pour, zipp it and drink… or freeze (see cute infographic below!).


Here’s a message from the amazing Sam who created Sinchies…

“Working as a family day care educator, I noticed how much the children I cared for enjoyed pouches of yoghurt and purees. I thought it was such a waste to throw the pouches away after the contents had been eaten. I was also taking care of a little one with some food intolerances at the time and she couldn’t enjoy the fun of these pouches like her friends. So, I put my thinking cap on and designed Sinchies. My aim is to help families feed their children healthier preservative-free food, to save money on their shopping bills, reduce waste and provide convenience when out and about.”

This is how we’re using Sinchies

  • Smoothies! Whiz your smoothie, pour, zip it up and drink! Why not give our all time favourite smoothie a try?!
  • Soups. They make for the best soup storage! We made a big batch and left it in the work fridge! Simply pour from your Sinchie in to your bowl as required #SuperOrganised
  • Sauces and dressings. No more bottled sauces and dressings! Think homemade apple sauce, tomato sauce and balsamic dressing ready in the fridge in an easy to pour pouch!
  • Icy poles and icecream. We’re saving this one for when it heats up again! Flavour ideas are endless: choc-raspberry, coconut and honey, strawberry and lime, pineapple and mint… YUM. Bring on summer!
  • Cosmetics! We even filled our small Sinchie pouch with moisturiser while travelling. Talk about versatile!

Plus, if you’ve got kiddies then Sinchies

  • Are perfect for parents who want to give their kiddies only natural whole food. Spend an hour or two cooking up a big batch of purees, pour in to the pouches and wack them in to the freezer. Baby food for the week that is healthy and convenient!
  • Will save you money (yay!). Our friends who have bubbas tell us how expensive it is to get good quality baby food. Sinchies not only give parents peace of mind knowing what their kids are eating BUT once the initial cost for the pouches is made you are all set!

A huge plus for us all is less packaging, which = less waste = more love to the world! Yay! We love the world!


Here are some of the details you need to know…

  • The Sinchie pouches are free of nasties like BPA, PVC and Phthalate.
  • They come in 4 sizes, 80 ml, 140 ml, 200 ml and 1 L.
  • They’re re-usabale and super easy to clean (dishwasher friendly).
  • The team at Sinchies have thought of everything. You can find tips on filling, freezing and washing right here.

The 2 things we love most about Sinchies is that they are convenient and that they promote healthy eating. The convenience = time. Extra time we get to spend with loved ones and doing what we love. Any product which promotes healthy, nasty free cooking gets a huge merrymaker tick of approval!

Sinchies are designed for kids but extremely useful for us too! And although we don’t have kids (yet) we truly believe Sinchies is a great product for children and we’ve already recommended to our nearest and dearest with babies. Health is (or at least should be) number one priority and if we show kids healthy options now, their future will be brighter. We feel very lucky to be able to share amazing prodcuts like Sinchies with our amazing followers like you.

For all the information you need check out the Sinchies site here. PLUS look at our cute as photos below!

Always merrymaking,
e + c
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Sinchies_2 Sinchies

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