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Studying to be health coaches was one of the best decisions we both ever made. Not only for our business but for our health too. The course we chose to do was 12 months and within those months, we pretty much health coached ourselves.

We studied with Integrative Nutrition, it’s an online course so you can do everything in your own time. Yay for that.

This was super important for us. At the time we were working our soul-sucking desk jobs (urghhh!), so we needed flexibility. We’d work, get home, work on Merrymakers, then watch the course videos.

The worst thing was the working in the soul-sucking job (obviously).

The awesome thing about studying something you ACTUALLY want to study, is that learning and consuming the content doesn’t feel like a chore (who else hated maths? Haha, now THAT was a chore!). 

Even if we weren’t signed up with Integrative Nutrition, we would have been learning all this stuff anyway because a. we were interested in it and b. it was helping us figure out what we wanted to do for our blog!  

The other awesome thing about Integrative Nutrition was the network we became a part of. At the time we were surrounded by co-workers, friends, family and NO ONE in the world of health and well-being. The people we connected with during our studies was worth it alone.

If you’ve started your blog and/or business, you know how important it is to build your network.

We don’t agree with the whole “it’s ONLY about who you know”… but sometimes the people you know definitely have the potential to get your biz moving faster. 

When we joined Integrative Nutrition our goal was to never health coach individuals. Our goal was to health coach the masses, or simply inspire people to make their health a priority. Everything we learned in the course helped us move closer to this goal. Even the health coaching aspect. It helped us to practice empathy and understand other people’s perspectives. 

We 100% believe in this course and this is why we happily promote it when anyone asks about it. When people email us or ask us on social media we pretty much just tell them everything we’ve just mentioned above (so about time we actually publish this!).

We also promote it as we receive an affiliate commission. This is something that every student can sign up to, no matter how big small your social platform is. 

And this is why we want to offer ANYONE who signs up via our affiliate link (this link right here PLUS it will take you to a sample class) free access to all of our MerryBiz Hustle content… to say THANK YOU and to also say YAY. So if you sign up, you’ll get access to the MerryBiz Hustle (worth $199).

Integrative Nutrition sure did inspire us and gave us huge new knowledge in the world of health but the world of online business is a whole other ball park. The Hustle was a 4 week live business program we did in late 2016. IT WAS EPIC! We saw so many people take huge action in their business and all the content is ah-freaking-mazing! 

This is what you’ll get from the MerryBiz Hustle: 

4 MerryBiz sessions on:
  1. Content marketing and blogging: the free way to attract your audience. Plus we’ll give you our content calendar template, content checklist and content brainstorming worksheet.
  2. Opt-ins and automation: how to get more work done without doing more work. This is a huge topic and was completely game changer for us and our biz growth. From email marketing, list building and opt in creation. We’ll also give you our opt-in checklist and ideas worksheets.  
  3. Social media: ohhh how we love the world of social media. This is where our biz started! We talk you through our exact strategies and we’ll give you our Instagram scheduling process!
  4. Sponsors, collabs and media: it’s all about relationship building. We give you an exact example of how we gain sponsored work, sponsorship proposal template plus media release template.
4 expert sessions with:
  1. Dan Norris, a serial entrepreneur, award-winning content marketer, international speaker and author of the no. 1 Amazon bestsellers 7 Day Startup, Content Machine and Create or Hate. This session is the GOODS! He will help you make your website better, trust us! He helped us to build our site! More on Dan over here.
  2. Nathan Chan. In his 20’s, he founded the top 10 ranked digital magazine Foundr, a digital magazine for young entrepreneurs, delivering material straight from the mouths of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Featuring the likes of Richard Branson, Marie Forleo and Seth Godin just to name a few. Check out Foundr mag.
  3. Karyn (with a Y!) loves all things social media and specialises in Facebook marketing for business. Using effective social media platforms for your business she will help you build and grow your brand and encourage brand loyalty, turning fans into customers. Find out more about Karyn.
  4. Nikki Parkinson. Her journey started in 2008 when she said goodbye to her 20 year journalism career. Starting out as a personal stylist she started a blog, which now received over 130 000 visits each and every month. She’s created a booming business working with world-renowned brands, she’s a published author of the best-selling book, Unlock Your Style and she’s created a positive and insanely active community. Checkout Styling You.

PLUUUUUS! If you live in Australia we’ll send you a signed copy of our new cookbook, Get Merry! <3

So let us know if you sign up to Integrative Nutrition via our link and we will give you access to all of this! YAY!

If you have any other questions about the course or our Hustle program just comment below and we will get back to you!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s You can try a sample Integrative Nutrition class here! PLUS you get a pretty darn good discount when you do (feel free to email us if you have more questions on that!)


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