The best Yoga poses for a bloated belly


There is nothing worse than a bloated belly and we know these yoga poses for the stomach area will help you.

Whether it’s from food, your period, or you’re a little gassy (damn those days). It gets especially bad when you’re not wearing your fave leggings and those tight jeans make your bloated belly feel even worse… ouch. 

Well first things first, take off the tight pants and put on some leggings, because we have the BEST Yoga poses for a bloated belly… and you can do them right now (if you’d prefer to do a 20 minute guided class with us that specifically releases bloat, check out the No More Bloat Yoga and Pilates Fusion Class inside MerryBody Online Studio!).

Easy Forward Fold

Seriously this feels SO good, not just on the belly but also the legs, back and neck.

How to do it: feet are hip distance, bend the knees and lay the torso over the thighs. Let the arms, head and neck relax. Breathe into the belly and allow the thighs to massage the belly. Hold for 10 deep breaths in and out the nose.


Malasana, Yogi Squat

These Yoga poses are all about massaging your stomach and allowing the body to release… dare we say it… gas… as this helps to alleviate any sore bloated bellies. In Yogi Squat we are getting the position just right for ultimate gas release (you’re welcome!) plus a delicious belly massage from the thighs. 

How to do it: take your feet shoulder width apart with the toes pointing out and heels in. Breathe in, and as you exhale sit the booty as low as you can, keeping the heels on the ground. Elbows come inside the thighs and your palms connect at your heart space. Gaze at the horizon. If you do find your heels rising up on to tip toes, either place a blanket under your heels for support, or only take the booty as low to when your elbows meet your thighs. Hold for 5 breaths. 


Malasana Variation

Hold in Malasana Yogi Squat, except this time you reach your left arm long out to the left and your right arm up toward the sky, twisting the torso. Once again here you are, massaging your internal digestion organs. Hold for 3 breaths and then swap sides. 

yoga for stomach and bloating

Arda Pawanmuktasana (Half Gas Releasing Pose)

Another ultimate Yoga pose for your stomach area and to help your bloated belly! Always start on your right-hand side as this helps move things up your ascending colon. When you move to your left side you massage things down your descending colon.

If you ever rub your belly when it’s bloated (which is a brilliant idea and does help with bloat), always try to go in this clockwise direction. Start at the top of your belly and go down the left side and around back up to the right side. 

How to do it: lay on your back, let your left leg stay long and squeeze your right knee into your chest. Hold for 10 breaths then swap sides.

Supine Twist

Twists are AMAZING Yoga poses for a bloated belly and this one is really simple. Once again start with your right knee and then move to the left.

How to do it: lay on your back, draw your right knee into your chest, and keep your left leg long. Take a deep breath in and then as you exhale it’s a big twist of the right knee across the body. Let the right knee and foot find the Earth and allow your right arm to open wide. Hold for 10 breaths and swap sides.


Seated Lateral Bend

Now that you’ve folded, compressed and twisted your belly area, let’s focus on the lateral bend, the sideways bend. Not only does this yoga pose feel great for your bloated belly but it will help to bring mobility to your spine!

How to do it: sit easy cross-legged, take a deep breath in and reach your right arm over to the left, stretching your right-hand side. Inhale come up, exhale swap sides. Do this for 6 breaths (3 times each side). 


Try all of these poses with us! 

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Easy Seated Fold

Finish on an easy forward fold with your legs crossed and you simply bowing down over your thighs. Once again allowing the belly to just relax. During this pose encourage any tension to be released from the belly area. Sometimes you can be holding your belly in all day long, creating all this tension in your center, it is so important to just allow it to be free and soft. Breathe deep into the belly and as you exhale take a sigh out the mouth. Do this 5 times. 

Yoga-poses-for-bloated-belly-merrybody-1.  We hope your bloated belly feels much better after these 7 blissful Yoga poses!

Remember, we are always here to help so if you have any questions about the postures or anything at all, simply reach out! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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