The easiest way to stick to your healthy diet.


We wanted to solve the problem we hear so often “how can I stay motivated to stick to my healthy diet?”

What we find to be the hardest thing about eating and cooking healthy meals is deciding what to cook!

The easiest way to stick to your healthy diet is when you’re organised and when you always have healthy recipe inspiration at your fingers tips.

And this is why we created the Get Merry recipe app. Check it out here. 

You could simply cook every single recipe on the Get Merry app and never have a what the hell should I cook moment again.

Ok, maybe you don’t want to make ALL of those amazing sweet treats. Haha. But you definitely want to make all those easy-peasy healthy dinner recipes. They are perfect for busy weekday nights.

How many dinner recipes are on the Get Merry app?

There are (at this very moment) 75 delicious healthy, gluten free, mostly grain free, refined sugar free and mostly dairy free dinner recipes on the app.

Recipes like sweet and sour chicken, veggie kofta balls, cashew chicken, easy fish curry, slow cooked lamb shanks and so many more! And yes it’s got healthy fried chicken and it’s all kinds of drool worthy good!

And remember we add new app only recipes all the time PLUS all the blog recipes get uploaded to the app as well!

>> Check out the Get Merry app NOW!


I can’t decide what to cook! How can the Get Merry app help me? 

All you gotta do is shake it baby! The app has a very cool feature… shake and boom it will select a recipe for you.

Ok… you might be looking for a dinner recipe and the app might give you keto chocolate (haha) but it’s still fun and you never know what recipe you will discover!

What about meal plans? I just want you to tell me what I should cook and eat! 

We got ya back! You can unlock recipe bundles for $1.49 (AUD) as in-app purchases. You’ll get access to some of our fave weekly meal plan recipes that make sense.

The week of recipes will include 1-2 fresh herbs and you’ll use the whole bunch instead of wasting it. Also, they give a great variety of different proteins and veggies for the week. 

But if you do want a FREE 7 day meal plan CHECK THIS OUT, sign up and you’ll get a free meal plan sent straight to you! 

>> Get the free meal plan!

I just never know what to eat for breakfast! Help me!

We get it! You’re sick of eating eggs and avo every day. Or you’re sick of the same smoothie every single day.

For many of us, breakfast has gotta be a super quick and easy meal. This is why we end up eating the same thing almost every single day (we are both guilty of this!).

All good if you like your same same brekky but sometimes it does get a little booorrrrring!

We have over 75 breakfast recipes on the Get Merry app plus 30 smoothie recipes! Wow, we must really like smoothies! 

Even our all time fave brekky smoothie recipe is on the app (and nowhere else!), it’s the choc-a-berry smoothie bowl!

Look how good this smoothie looks. Yes… you should defs check out the app!


How do I stay motivated to eat healthy when all my friends and family eat super unhealthy? 

This is a really hard one. But once you get through it… it’s like ahhhhhh!

Does this sound familiar? 

You want to change your diet to a more healthy lifestyle. More real foods, less processed, less sugar, less crap, probably less alcohol too. 

Your friends and family don’t get it. 

They loved it when you cooked all the treats, when you binged on the takeaway and when you drank all the wine.

They loved it when you didn’t care what you ate. Because now that you care it makes them realise that they should probably think about making a change too. 

They say stuff like…

“The old you would have eaten this”

“The old you was so much more fun” 

“Oh c’mon, live a little… it’s only ice cream and a little bit of chocolate topping!”

Pretty much they are being mean silly buggers… and they’re kinda (actually) trying to shame you for making healthy changes. 

This is where you gotta know: that all the stuff they say is only a projection of their own worries and insecurities about their lifestyle. 

Or they just have no idea about the health impacts from an unhealthy diet. We love the saying… 

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know betterdo better.” —Maya Angelou.

So maybe, your friends and family just don’t know!?

And maybe you can help.

Anyways, for now, you just keep on going, keep making those positive health changes. Then wait because these friends and family will start off with…

“why are you doing that?”

then one day they will ask…

“how are you doing that and can you help me?”

But if it gets too horrible. It’s time to make new friends! A great place to start is inside our FREE Facebook community. CLICK HERE to join.

What other struggles do you have when it comes to sticking to your healthy diet? Email us or send us a message on social media!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s don’t forget to check out the Get Merry recipe app HERE!

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