The Merrymaker Sisters Do NYC.

We’re so super pumped to head over to New York City! A New York trip is something we’ve dreamt about for so long and we can’t wait to set foot in the concrete jungle. We want to thank you all who sent through amazing New York tips and of course eating places! We. Are. So. Excited. Oh yep, we said that!

The main goal for the ‘The Merrymaker Sisters Do NYC’ (follow the hashtag #MerrymakersdoNYC) trip is to get inspired! As most of you know we live in Canberra, Australia and although it’s the capital city of Australia it’s not the biggest or busiest of cities (we still love it) so bring on New York! Bring on the hustle, bustle and urban swagger. 


Inspiration, come at us!

We don’t have an itinerary set in stone but here’s a run down of what we’ll be up to! And you’ll be able to keep up to date here and across social media… as we plan on posting DAILY videos and posts! Woop!

  • We want to walk everywhere and count our steps. We wonder how many we’ll do?!
  • We’re planning on getting to at least 2 broadway shows. You might have guessed it… we are huge musical fans!
  • Run around central park.
  • Sit in central park!
  • Go to Grand Central Station and be like ‘OH MY GOSH that is a whole lot of people in a rush’.
  • Talk to New Yorkers.
  • Go to the MET. Sit on the MET steps, gossip girl style!
  • Walk the highline. 
  • Get in a yellow cab. Yes, this excites us.
  • Pretend to be Carry Bradshaw and strut around in our heels… ok we’ll be wearing our nikes, can you strut in nikes?
  • Get confused about tipping!
  • Checkout the empire state building!
  • Visit the 911 memorial, pay our respects and send love and light.
  • Eat at Hu’s Kitchen, because it’s paleo/primal and delicious looking.
  • Hang out with all our Aussie health and wellbeing friends who are weirdly travelling in NYC at the same time. Seriously… what are the odds that we know at least 4 other people traveling over there at the same time. We love this kinda stuff!
  • Crash The Today Show’s NYC filming. Should we make a huge Merrymaker sign? 
  • Oh we’d love to learn some NYC history. Like go on a tour… anyone got ideas or an experience they can share? 
  • Checkout hipster-ville Brooklyn. Our old neighbour lives there! She is one of the brains behind Bulbous. Sound odd? Check it out!
  • For our last day  in NYC we’ve just purchased our tickets to attend the beautiful Gala Darling’s September Radical Self Love Salon. She is a huge inspiration and we’re mega excited to meet her. It’s going to be the perfect finish to our trip!

After we merrymake NYC we’ll head back to the West Coast (pretty sure it’s the West…) to attend Mark’s Daily Apple PrimalCon! We’ll be taking a slight detour to Disneyland for Carla’s Birthday! Ok it’s official, we’re beyond excited. 

#MerrymakersdoNYC couldn’t have been possible with out our AWESOME sponsors! Thank you to the amazing Raw Blend team and Australian Blueberries. Keep an eye out for some delish Blueberry recipes coming your way soon and everyone knows we love our Raw Blend Vitamix yeh!  

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla


photo credit: Sprengben [why not get a friend] via photopin cc
photo credit: nosha via photopin cc
photo credit: WanderingtheWorld ( via photopin cc

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