The Merrymaker YouTube Channel!

OHHHH we are so super excited about our new and improved Merrymaker YouTube channel! We’ve uploaded 11 new videos showcasing the kind of stuff we’ll be sharing… YAY!

There will be cooking videos, eating videos and lots of random Merry videos! It’s going to be a whole heap of fun and we’d love you to subscribe to our channel

We’ll be sharing a new video every Thursday and we’d love to hear from you with video requests. Are there any recipes you find difficult? Any paleo topics you’d like to hear about? What about blogging tips? Or meditation? Send us your ideas and we will get filming!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

This one has got to be one of our favourites…. because paleo chocolate… yes please!

But really we think these are our actual favourites… the blooper real and behind the scenes at Merrymaker Land.

Warning: there is a lot of singing…!

 Oh… maybe this Sweet Potato chippie video is our fave!

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