Thr1ve Symposium | The Australian Paleo Conference.

We’re getting pretty excited about the THR1VE symposium (aka a conference) coming up on the 13-15 March in Manly, Sydney! It’s set to be a weekend filled with some of the best in paleo and ancestral health speakers, delicious paleo food and guaranteed lots of fun! If you’re looking for a massive healthy inspiration hit, you don’t want to miss this event!

The headlining speakers are Mark Sisson aka the primal dude behind Mark’s Daily Apple and the amazing Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar. It’s Mark Sisson’s first speaking event in Australia, which is totally exciting! We went to his PrimalCon event in Oxnard, California and it was seriously fun, delicious and motivating! The best part by far was being surrounded by like-minded people, hearing their personal stories and what a paleo lifestyle has brought to them. Oh and Carla also fell in love, like she actually fell in love, after only 10 hours of meeting the lucky fella! Fairytales exist apparently, but that’s another blog post for another day!

Back to the THR1VE Symposium, not only will you hear from Mark Sisson and Sarah Wilson you’ll see Luke and Scott (the Bondi guys from MKR) cook up a storm, our mate Darryl Edwards will be there (he’ll probably be playing about), Dan Churchill will be doing his thing (drool worthy cooking demos) and so SO many more amazing people! 

After hearing from all these amazing speakers we have no doubt you will be inspired to take positive action. We attend many personal development and networking events, they’ve been (and continue to be) super important through our journey to full time merrymaking. We always say that the best kind of investment is spent on YOU! Invest in yourself before anything else. These sort of events have the capacity to change your life (they have for us!). Not just because of what the speakers say but from the people you meet! It’s what these meetings lead to that are the best part… opportunities!  

thr1ve symposium australian paleo conference

Not only will you be hearing form these totally amazing people you’ll be treated to a delicious paleo menu  throughout the whole conference designed by Dan Churchill. Yes, we’re very excited about the food if you can’t tell (this may be the highlight for us!).

Sign up for a Merrymaker Lunch Time Inspo Session!

We’ll be there for the whole conference and during the lunch breaks we’ll be running small Merrymaker Inspo/Health Coach Sessions. The groups are limited to 17 people so we can ensure we create a conversation filled with inspiration and maybe even break throughs! Let’s say definite break throughs! We will talk about our journey and how changing to a paleo lifestyle literally brought us back to life and allowed us/inspired us/called us to follow our bliss to create The Merrymaker Sisters! We’ll facilitate group conversation so we can all learn from each other and come away with new ideas and inspiration for leading our happiest, healthiest life ever. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have, whether they’re to do with paleo, recipes, meditation, blogging or following your bliss!

If you’re attending the conference let us know if you’d like to join our merrymaker circle (just email us!) and we will pop you on the list! If you haven’t got your conference ticket yet… find all the details here!

Hope to see you there!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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